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July 29, 2011

From This Week's AV Club.

Mike And Tom Eat Snacks #27: Lorna Doone Shortbread Cookies 
Michael Ian Black gives co-host Tom Cavanagh a marvelous account this week of his fictitious rivalry with the actor Ian McShane. Black spins a straight-faced tale about heroically landing himself a role on Deadwood, only to come down with laryngitis and have McShane conspire to take him down. Our hosts eventually get around to reviewing Nabisco’s Lorna Doone Shortbread Cookies, which they deem lightweight compared to Walker Shortbread cookies—“It’s Shortbread 101,” as Black puts it, and “Walker’s is deep-cut shortbread.” This occasions much talk in oozy Scottish accents and the revelation that Black is going to make afternoon tea cool again.


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I've always wanted to eat a cucumber sandwich. Now what with tea being cool again, I'm on it.

Thanks for the link bra.


Yhea cool


Ah. I read your Tumblr regarding the comments to the AV Club interview. If it was an attempt to gain some empathy after being ridiculed to death, then gain it you shall; From me. For whatever it's worth.

You have been one of my main sources of comedy for going on 3 years now. Keep up the fabulous work!

My brother and his wife are great fans as well. They love going to see you when you hit San Francisco.
In fact they saw you on the elevator once and in a burst of nervousness all my brother could think of to say to you was that you looked tired. Lol. Which may have come across as...not fan appreciation. But it was really just him being star struck.


You bomb man. (In the best meaning possible.

Daniel Dickey

Baby girl, please start blogging again. I need it in my life.




Please email me back--I've lost Jane's address and have pictures from 1980s to send.



Heehee, Dickey called you baby girl. I love it. And agree.

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Ik las uw Tumblr met betrekking tot de opmerkingen op de AV Club interview. Als het was een poging om wat empathie te krijgen nadat ze belachelijk gemaakt tot de dood, dan krijgen dan zult gij, Van mij. Voor wat het waard is.

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This snacks made Mcshane fell down unexpectedly.

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