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February 24, 2011

Here I Am

For those of you wondering where I have been or what I’ve been doing, here I am. The dirt so far: I just shot a pilot for E! entitled “The Black List,” which is me giving daily pop culture commentary and jokes. Think “The Daily Show” for pop culture. But don’t think “The Showbiz Show” because that was terrible.

In other news: I just finished the first draft of my second book, now entitled “You’re Not Doing It Right.” It had another title but I discarded it because I always had to say it twice. I would say it, and people would be like, “What?” and then I would say it again and they would go, “Oh,” in a way that suggested they did not care for the title of my book. Like if you name your kid, “Argyle” or something.

Third, I am shooting a special for Comedy Central in a couple weeks entitled “Very Famous.” It will be my first-ever stand-up comedy special and I’m very excited/nervous. I’m shooting it at the Trocadero in Philly on March 11th. If you want to come, you can get tickets here. There are two shows: I’m shooting both.

Finally, my new podcast “Mike and Tom Eat Snacks” is finally up and running. This is a podcast in which my co-host, Yogi Bear’s Tom Cavanagh, and I discuss, eat, and rate snack foods. An easy way to spend a half hour of your time per week. USA Today called it a “Top Ten Comedy Podcast,” and Bon Appetit also gave it a thumbs-up. You can find it on itunes or here. If you listen and like, please rate and review on itunes.

At the moment, however, I am bored.


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Hey MIchael!

I'll see you in Phily!


Exciting stuff! I'm looking forward to seeing you in Columbus next week!


I am loving the podcast. As for the book, I am excited to read it and I thought I had pre-ordered it at amazon, but now it isn't listed there so perhaps I didn't. I have to tell you, though, that your low rating of Cheetos caused a rift in our relationship. How is a Slim Jim better than a Cheeto--something that may very well be the best snack ever. It is cheesy, it is crunchy, it has a hint of salt and a hint of sweet, and it leaves an orange residue on your fingers that is both disgusting and delicious. I am begging you to reconsider the Cheeto. For me?

Have fun with your special! I'm looking forward to seeing it.

Keep on being awesome,



Welcome back Mike..


Wassup dude! Missed your face.

Really, your wordface, not your faceface.

Because your faceface is always on that banner up there, but it is not nearly as charming and beguiling as it is when your wordface shows up.

That makes it all, you know, charming and beguiling.

Anyhoo, missed ya.

Black List sounds (a) clever (b) you (c) and marketable, right in the vein of I love the.... People love to pigeon-hole, so I'll bet it does well. I'm just glad you'll have a platform to display all that funniness. Can't wait to see, ya know, all this great stuff! Yaaaay Michael!


Bout time you returned! I keep coming back for a funny article and nada :)
Welcome back!


Hey Michael!
I'm really looking forward to your show tonight at Twin River in Lincoln, RI. Thanks for coming out east for a visit! :)


Congratulations on all your exciting projects!

Your new book is different from your previous - more of a memoir, yes? So you'll be dishing on your past, spilling family secrets, unleashing your skeletons...

Will enjoy seeing you on Comedy Central again. No doubt your special will be hysterical.

And you and Tom are sympatico - both of you quick-witted and funny. Kind of waiting for you to get all "Charlie Sheen" on there. Maybe next week.



Let's get some new-book-excerpt action going on here brahhh.


Very exciting! Please make sure to also give everyone a heads up on FB,Tumblr,etc when stuff airs/releases,etc. See, my cat sometimes logs on and thinks it's funny to delete my email notifications. He's kinda computer savvy.


Still a Lucinda fan? Her new album is streaming free until tomorrow.



MIB! I just saw you and Showalter at the Brighton Music Hall in Boston last night. You guys were amazingly hilarious! I left two bags of my favorite snacks with Showalter to give to you for your podcast, which is also amazingly hilarious.
I was actually out front of the club before the show, and you walked by, I froze up!
My Custom Van is hilarious as well!

funny sms

I feel you should keep title of your book specific... easy to remember.

Good you haven't chosen that title.

Jay Hinkle

Awesome, Mike. Big congrats! Looking forward to your new endeavors. You're a real joy to watch.

By the way, do you have a need for an apprentice? Not a creepy one like in Harry Potter. I am referring to myself (a non-creep). It would be an honor and a privilege to learn from you.



Bored? Never state the obvious.

Yahswe Sukuyugi

... for another exciting discussion. :-)

aaron schachter

i saw you tape the black list! that shiz was hilarious! hope it gets picked up.

Lisa H

Hooray, you're back! The new work sounds great! Although my taste may be suspect, because I thought the Showbiz Show was kind of funny.


You rocked Philly Michael! I am so proud of you.


Yay! Congrats on the pilot and the special and that other thing.

Also, am having kittens over you taco bell conquest on twitter. you are, without a doutb, the undisputed master of twitter. good to see people supporting you so tremendously - as they should.


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...so The Soup?


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