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December 14, 2010

My Album of the Year

This is my album of the year. Granted, most people refer to an album that’s been released the year in question, but this one comes from 2000. I just found it and have been listening to it non-stop for three weeks. Straight up, homies: this is not for everybody. There will be those among you who go, “This sucks” and “You suck” and “Your taste in albums of the year sucks.” I don’t want to hear it. If you don’t like solo piano featuring the works of Philip Glass and John Cage then this is not the album for you and you can just keep listening to the Fuck Clusters or whatever Brooklyn band is currently sucking your dick. I like this and recommend it.

The album is called “Glass Cage” and the pianist’s name is Bruce Brubaker which, if nothing else, you have to admit is a funny name. Here’s the link to buy it on Amazon. You can also get it on iTunes.

And I know the below video sucks because it’s just the one image, but it was the only free sample I could find from the album.


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Seriously, thanks for this.


Hey, this is nice relaxing studying-for-finals music :D I could use this right about now.

And I love that your album of the year is from a decade ago. You silly man.

Thanks for the recommendation!


As a geeky classical musician, I totally appreciate Philip Glass and John Cage! I think this album rocks...excellent choice!!


Very nice. Very nice indeed.


I, too, really enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing.


An interesting choice. Thank you for sharing.


Douchey Brooklyn bands are giving out dick suckings?? That explains so much, but I still have so many questions.


We studied Glass and Cage in my Postmodernism class.

4′33″ of silence. Ballsy.


You better remember this when they ask you to tape I Love the 00s.


Also - it looks like you can listen to the whole thing for free here: http://listen.grooveshark.com/#/album/Glass+Cage/4837044


That was gentle and soothing, thanks for posting it! My mom's dad knew how to play the piano, he used to teach piano.

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I agree. Even me felt the message of your book.


This is why Michael Ian Black is a badass.


When you're mushy, you're irresistable.


While I wouldn't pick this to be an album of the year, I still am very fond of classical music and enjoyed this piece. Certainly a good relaxing song, which is always helpful at work.

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Hello Mr. Black,
Will you be touring in Atlanta any time soon? I saw you and Michael S. in 2007, you were hilarious. You're my favorite! Hope I get to see you perform again.


Well, I like it! And the intro more. Always looking for "new" tunes to write to. 2000 seems new-ish. Right? It's not like, 80's or 90's music. :-)


you are extremely talented. thank-you for sharing.


Dear Mr. Black,

Your blog sucks now. What do you have to say for yourself?



Anthony Groen

have you seen the phillip glass documentary? pretty sure its a watch instantly on netflix currently.


Could you repost the story you wrote for paperthinwalls.com? It's no longer online. Thanks!

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