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August 12, 2010



I love this picture. For so many reasons, I love this picture. First of all, context. I found it on the site girlcameramirror, which is exactly what it sounds like: girls taking pictures of themselves in various states of undress. Mostly the girls are young, skinny, and making that face girls make that I think is supposed to look like a kissy face but instead comes off more like “this is what I will look like when I get my lips done.” Also they show their boobs, which I like a lot.

It would be disingenuous of me to say I like those picture ironically. I do not; I like them because they are pictures of naked girls. But I also recognize that there is something kind of sad and troubling about girls posting pictures of themselves without their clothes on for no discernible reason other than the fact that girls have a biological compulsion to make boys salivate, and boys have a biological compulsion to do so, and then masturbate.

Girls want to be seen as pretty. Boys want to see pretty girls. (Plus, in my experience, girls want to see pretty girls too.)

Needless to say, somebody would have to feel pretty good about her body to post such a picture. The girls who tend to feel this way tend to have slamming bodies. So this picture is an anomaly on the site, a photo of two girls, obviously overweight, obviously good friends, with their shirts off, and apparently feeling very happy about themselves. That’s the context. And it made me feel good.

Second, there are the details. And the details are just as awesome as the context. The matching bathing polka dot bathing suit tops. That in itself is curious enough to warrant a thumbs up from me. Why are they wearing matching tops? Did they buy them together? Did one of them have both? Did they put them on specifically for the photo or are they on their way to some event where they are expected to wear matching polka dot bathing suits? (Bras?)

The goofy expression on the one girl’s face. To me, it is a face that says, “This is for fun.” What I read from her expression is simple: “Look how stupid I’m being with my friend,” the kind of face everybody makes for the camera now and again when she is having fun and wanting to record the memory. The face seems to harbor no resentment, no irony, no dismissiveness, nothing to suggest that she is making any kind of larger statement with this photo than she is being silly. I am a big fan of silliness. Plus she’s got a tongue stud.

Her friend’s expression is almost serene. Resting her head on her friend’s shoulder, she is absorbed in the image she’s creating. Her face holds no come hither look, no kissy face, no “I’m hot and I know it,” or even “I wish I was hot.” It’s just “girl with goofy friend.” She looks pretty. She looks happy.

Then there’s the post-photo decision to send the picture in to girlcameramirror. Why? What is the purpose? Why set yourself up like that? I don’t think it’s a political statement on their part. If I felt like it was, I think I would like the picture less. I choose to interpret it as, “we like this picture, we like the site, let’s send our picture to the site.” I think it’s as simple as that. I hope it is. I want these girls to be well-adjusted, happy BFFs with huge tits and matching polka dot bathing suits. Yes, they’re fat, and that’s part of the appeal of the picture. The image would be meaningless to me if they weren’t. I don’t even want to say I think they’re proud of being fat. I don’t think they are. I have no reason to think they’re proud; I think (at least in this moment) they are indifferent, which is better than pride. They are caught in a moment of unselfconscious happiness on a site which is all about the exact opposite of that, and that is awesome.


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Ha. Boobs.

P.S. When is "Ed" coming out on DVD?

P.P.S. Happy birthday.


I love this post. Thanks, MIB.


I would absolutely be friends with these girls/wear a matching polka dot bra with them. I like when you're sincere!

Emily and Meg

Dearest Michael Ian Black,

The photo you so graciously reblogged is of me (the short one) Emily and my best friend Meg (the goofy one). We love everything you said and you were so right. I'm a photographer and Meg is often my model and we're very comfortable with our bodies. And, in all honesty, we just took the picture to show off the matching bras we bought that day. I posted it to my flickr and eventually submitted it to girlwithcamera because I love girlwithcamera. Nothing better than naked girls. :) Thank you so much for the recognition and your kind words. You made our day.

The well-adjusted, happy BFFs with huge tits and matching polka dot bathing suits.


getting real, but it's ok! you're the best


hahahah I luv that you wrote an entire entry on this pic AND it was comical...kudos!


Just when I think I love you too much, you go and write something like this...and make me love you even more! I enjoy reading your "sincere" posts. And, as a goofy girl who isn't exactly a size 2 and is also a fan of silliness, may I just say you have my vote for President, should you ever decide to run:)

Emily and Meg: You guys rock!


Holy smokes.


When I first saw you post this photo I thought like so many others "hehe pudgy girls think they're hot/make silly faces/are funny". But this analysis is so serious, so sweetly honest that I had to comment on it. You might linger over photos of girls with sexy bodies and low self esteem (and hell, who doesn't?) but these fun chicks who clearly don't give a shit deserved a moment of your time as well and that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Thanks for adding a feel-good minute to my day. <3


Ahh that's my Emmers on the left. And seriously Michael, you almost got me in trouble for laughing out loud first, but your analysis pretty much described my buddy up there in a nutshell. Took a long time for her to get where she is, and I'm glad this adds to her self esteem boost. Now I'm all proud and stuff.


What an awesome photo. What an awesome post.

I also have to say I smiled at Emily's shoulder tattoo of two women (I think?). For a moment, I thought that it was a tattoo of the two of them. Like a tiny reflection of their reflection. Which is like, so meta.


What a great post and a great photo. MIB, you sir, are a class act.


I like your post. I like your honesty. I appreciate your comments. :)

B Cook

Yay, Now I have famous friends!!!!
Good read

B Cook


Awesome.. Yep, that says it all.


I think the goofy fat girls with huge tits contingency of your fanbase have just had their collective days made. We will wear our polka dot bathing suits/bras in your honor... Happy birthday.


Cool. Though, why no post honoring how OLD you are?! Happy birthday, you are my absolute favorite.

Seth Copans

Well said, Michael.
Hope you had a happy birthday.


Thanks for posting this, Michael. I love reading your words. Happy birthday!


Michael Ian Black, thank you. I'm so proud of you for writing this! (Not that I actually know you, but hey, I can still be proud). Girls and women have it hard these days, but what you wrote here has contributed to the fight against all the bs that we have to deal with. Thanks!!


I don't know why you had to also blog on Tumblr, I guess you need to market your witty wares. I just wish one could post long-winded replies on there but I ...can't seem....to figure out....how....wait. Oooooohhhhhhhhhh! Now I see why you like it! ;)


Very well written, Michael.

These 2 girls are probably a lot better adjusted then 99% of the girls on that site. Yep, men and women don't go to naked teen sites like this to ogle women with fun personalities. They just want/need to stare at female body parts to get off on. These girls seem to have found (and thumbed their noses) at the dark humor of porn addiction. Good on them. And good on you for spotlighting their uniqueness so eloquently.


I am extremely proud of the two girls in the polka dot bras. You hit the
"nail on the head". Their love of self, humor, and confidence are completely showcased in the photo. This is a true representation of the girls. I know. I'm the mother of one. Rock on BBF's and polka dot bras!


Lovely. Fun. Woolgathering-y. Thank you.


And I thought there was nothing going on August 12th, thanks for cracking this one wide open,

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