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June 14, 2010

In Defense of Twittertising

A couple weeks ago, I was approached about adding the occasional advertisement to my Twitter feed. My response: an immediate yes.

Many of you probably read that and think, “I would never sell out like that,” but I thought to myself, “What took you so long?”

Those of you familiar with my television work are probably aware that I sometimes take work doing commercials. The reason I do this is because I enjoy money. Moreover, I need money to maintain my opulent (middle-class) lifestyle. Selling products for cash allows me the freedom to take less well-playing jobs like making soon-to-be-canceled television shows.

The situation with Twitter is no different. I provide a valuable service (a constant stream of dick jokes) to Twitter for free. As of today, I’ve written 2,655 tweets. That’s a lot of free material, all of it contributing to the entertainment of the 1.5 million people who follow me, as well as the multi-billion dollar capitalization of Twitter itself. When presented with an opportunity to get some return on my investment of time and energy, why not take it?

There will always be a group who become upset with their favorite actor/musician/writer/racecar driver/whatever when that person accepts money instead of remaining “pure.” I get that. I was probably like that too when I was sixteen. But the real world has a way of intruding on people’s ideals, and my mortgage doesn’t care that much about my indie cred.

Moreover, I suspect the people who scream the loudest about “selling out” would be very happy to accept the same money themselves. That’s not a knock on them – it’s just reality. People got bills, yo.

So yes, I will be throwing in the occasional advertisement into my Twitter feed. Just like a disc jockey reads ads and a television show airs commercials and blogs accept sponsorship. I’m sorry if it pisses anybody off, but if you are upset, I know what will make you feel better: a delicious Klondike bar washed down with an icy cold Sierra Mist.

Klondike bar original  Sierra Mist Logo_ad


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"There will always be a group who become upset with their favorite actor/musician/writer/racecar driver/whatever when that person accepts money instead of remaining “pure.” I get that. I was probably like that too when I was sixteen."

That made me cackle. Who could blame you for advertising via your twitter for some cash? It's easy to judge when you're not in the situation and know you probably never will be because no one would ever pay you to advertise, but most people would.

As long as you stay fucking hilarious I don't give a damn about your indie cred.

Daniel Dickey

Love me love me, say that you love me/


Michael Roberts

Social media twitter like are powerfull weapon of internet marketing.


If I really cared about you advertising, I'd just unfollow you.

P.S. Please don't EVER compare yourself to my favorite racecar driver. He would never be so shallow to sell out.


Dude, advertise away, but could you see if Dr. Pepper wants to pay you instead? Sierra Mist is kind of the redheaded stepchild of carbonated beverages. That would be like endorsing Circus Peanuts.

Man Purse

Ooh one request--please share the joy by describing how you're spending those twitterizing dollars. We all love to live vicariously through our favorite very famous opulently middle class celebrity. Voyeurism is what really keeps us coming back--let's be honest. Oh, and also because you're funny.


And where would I get a Klondike bar and a tasty Sierra Mist. I'm hungry and thirsty.


Long time listener, first time caller.
Sierra Mist and Klondike employ you as an actor because of your talent and skill as a comedian. You're not writing humorous tweets for these companies, you're simply copying and pasting something they wrote for you to put out there. It requires no skill. "I provide a valuable service (a constant stream of dick jokes) to Twitter for free." Who forced you into producing a twitter comedy feed? It's your decision to have your twitter feed as a source of your comedy. It was really disappointing as a fan to see the ads and to read this blog post. You have one less follower thanks to this. I'm sure that doesn't really matter to you but, as a fan it mattered to me.


Using your talents and influence to cover your own living expenses?


Joe B.

I didn't realize there was a word for it. Twitterising? Doesn't really describe it.

Twatvertising? Twadvertising?

Why can't we just call it ads on Twitter?


AHEM @tone_wolf An ad co. capitalizing on a celebrity's talent/followers doesn't seem too much different than one exploiting their friends' bands/talent to get money to pay one's medical bills.


Hmmm...wouldn't a true twittertiser know the current logo of Sierra Mist? That one was a couple rebrandings ago.

Just some flak from a fan and graphic designer ;P


I would tattoo the Sierra Mist logo to my forehead if someone would pay me to do it.

Bert K. Badrinath

So what you are telling us is that you would not do anything for a Klondike bar? What would you do TO a Klondike bar?


Michael, I think your work in the advertising industry was some of your best shit. The Klondike commercials for "Michael and Michael Have Issues" were the best part of the show. I'm not saying I don't enjoy the shows you write, but you do have a knack for advertisement

Sexy Black Women

Amen, Brother! I am tired of the concept that making money is bad. Your point is the best argument. If the money's coming in then I don't have to sell out and do something that I don't agree with creatively. Love your shows BTW.


We just saw you in Atlanta at the Laughing Skull. You were fabulous.
There was a two drink minimum but Sierra Mist wasn't an option. I wonder what would happen if at your shows, there was a two Sierra Mists minimum? Perhaps you could write that into your contract with Sierra Mist and make a commission on Sierra Mist sales at performances.....
Although I think buzzed people probably laugh more.


And about your twittertising - I guess now we all know what you'll do for a Klondike bar.


So I guess now we all know what you will do for a Klondike bar - twittertise.

Just saw you in Atlanta. Great show. There was a two drink minimum. But Sierra Mist was not an option. Perhaps you could have a two Sierra Mist minimum at your performances? Drunk people probably laugh harder but you could get a commission on Sierra Mist sales at shows, yo.



No DARK Klondikes!


i don't understand why people give so much of a shit about this. do what you want, and try to avoid creepy people who care too much about people they don't even know

Aline Diniz

As long as you keep posting the usual, I really don't care about the ads. Just don't loose the jokes. Tks and xx.


yeah, eff 'em.
(I'm more offended that your site doesn't have a spam block)

...love Maegan

I would do it too. I enjoy money as well ;)


"as long as the tweets are funny, i will buy whatever you hawk."

unfortunately, i haven't found them funny :-/

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