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February 01, 2010

The Making of My New Children's Book "The Purple Kangaroo."


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"What a thrill for you"

I'm stealing that line Black.

Lil'  Roo



Please say that author image is on the back flap.

You really toned down your jerkiness for this!


I don't even have kids and I have to buy this book now. Goddamnit.

The Naked Redhead

Wow, this might be the first children's book ever that's not allowed within one hundred yards of an elementary school. Well done.

Aleata Illusion

HAHAHAHA,I love you!

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I find this little bit interesting in childrens book..

Max Grinnell

MIB: Man or superman? Nice work sir!

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In this goofy fun book by Comedy Central comedian Black, a monkey claims to know what readers are thinking.....isn't is funny!!? I like this book.I bought it last month read first than give it to my son.


This was most enjoyable.

All that flexibility...can't decide if you're a yoga enthusiast or a reincarnated pretzel.


For any forgiven reason should The Purple Kangaroo hop into your local library, it would be good for Michael Ian Black.


As an overgrown kid, I actually can't wait to get this book, penned by the guy with the freaky-deeky brain.

Bet you're getting fantastic reviews. Post them! Be good to you.



Peter Brown is hot. I'd hit it.

Obviously you're hot as well, that goes without saying.

Would I hit you?

Once upon a time, my friend, but I've moved on to something a little more British.

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