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December 09, 2009


I’ve basically been taking a break from writing because I haven’t enjoyed doing it. So when something’s not enjoyable, it makes sense to discontinue the activity, especially if the main reason I was doing it in the first place was for my own amusement. Even so I get so guilt-stricken whenever I neglect my blog that I felt obligated to at least check in to say that I’m aware of my lapse.

Also, I’ve been so consumed with keeping up-to-date with Tiger Woods’ marital troubles that it’s pretty much taken up every free second I have. One mistress, okay. Two, fine. But ten? That’s a lot, even for somebody as good at golf as Tiger Woods. People seem surprised that he sleeps around. While I admit I was initially taken aback, I remain more surprised that he actually owns a Buick. (His wife was spotted driving one the other day.)

Here’s what I’ve been doing: for the past couple weeks, Michael Showalter and myself (along with our writers) have been talking about, and beginning to write, a second season of “Michael and Michael.” We’re doing this, not because there is going to be a second season, but because Comedy Central asked us to in case they decide to make one at some undetermined time in the future. In other words, we still don’t know what’s up with our TV show.

If that sounds like potentially a huge waste of time, it very well might be. There is certainly a chance we will spend the next five weeks doing a lot of work for a television series that may not exist at the end of said time period. On the other hand, if they decide to pick us up, it would be beneficial to have done this work. So it’s kind of a crapshoot. But what else am I going to do with my time? Stay at home? Drink tea? Build a fire in the fireplace? Enjoy my children? Not write in my blog? Yes, all of the above. Instead, though, I’m hanging out at a windowless office writing episodes of my maybe TV show. Which is fun, I guess, although the other activities I mentioned are also fun. At the very least, I think it's safe to say that at this point in my life I am having more fun than Tiger Woods. And I have a better car.




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I too am experiencing a lapse in my blog writing, although truthfully I don't write as much or as humorfully (probably not a real word) as you do. And it sucks because this whole Tiger Woods thing really seems to be a perfect topic for an abundance of cynicism and witty remarks. It's really too bad.

Nice to hear that there could possibly be another season of Michael and Michael. I'll keep my fingers crossed!


Michael, they say sleep is Death's cousin.

The Naked Redhead

Maybe this comment is super presumptuous, but I think the best part of your guys' show was all your "real" stuff, not the sketches. For me, the sketches interrupted the awesomeness of the two of you trying to sabotage each other. That was some amazing shite and where I thought the true heart of the show was.

My two cents...well, and now I can't eat today since I just gave away the last money I had, so I hope you're happy.

But what do I know...I'm just one of Tiger's mistresses. At least, I hope to be. :)


Aw, I've missed you! I was hoping the reason you hated your blog was because you were busy writing for your next season. I think that's terrific news - you guys have it in the bag. The show is way too hilarious not to renew.

Tiger is up to 10 women now? What-evuh. He's horrible at kinky texting. He must be creative in bed. Or just rich.

I feel sorry for his strong and mighty Scandinavian wife, but shouldn't she have caught on to him at some point? He's simply craptastic at covering his tracks. "Hi. Are we on? Are we recording? Testing. Ok. Tiger Woods, famous golfer here. Mistress with whom I have been having sex with for the past 31 months? Would you remove your name from your number so my wife doesn't catch on to the fact that we're banging? Hard? Oh, and no need to delete this message. For those of you listening at home - the time is now 12am, and the date, November 24th."

Can't wait to see the fruits of your labor, Mike. Best of luck to you, Sho, and the gang.

Love ya!


Aw MIB I hope the show gets picked up for season 2. I love you guys!

Brian Hart

Would other networks be able to pick up season 2?

Velveteen Ballsac

I have to tell you: "Custom Van" has become my favorite....thing over the last year. I've just finished reading it for the 6th time.

I did a search the other day on some bookseller sites to see if (hopefully) there info of a follow-up and thank God, it looks like you`ve got a new book ("Clappy As A Ham") coming out in July. True?

If so: I cannot wait that long, so I'd like an advance copy please. You know how early copies get sent around to reviewers and such. Yes, I'd like one of those please. Also, I'll blurb it. Yes, I'll provide a really great blurb for you.

You can reach me at my email address, so I can give you my home address for mailing purposes.

Thanks a million!

PS: I hope MMHI2 happens also.


Well, if this show is any like you have had in the past you will put in a lot of effort and get nowhere. I think Comedy Central did a crap job of advertising it and they are overpromoting garbage like Jeff Dunham. I hope you guys get a second season.


Are you having more fun than Tiger though...even now. Really? I still doubt it. lol.

k k

Just discovered this blog and read your backlog of postings ...

I thought you handled the terry gross npr interview with an enormous amount of grace. As a fan of the state/stella I was unaware of your own history and particularly enjoy all postings related to it.

I know your work infrequently touches on this stuff but they are the makings of something personal and excellent ...

It's also hilarious how much of the comment section is made of people with steamy crushes ... you've got creepy fans, man.

That is what you get for playing the choicest gay roles.

 k k


Did the Louis CK thing speak to you on a deep personal level due to a certain sock puppet in your past that helped pay groceries?

Pets.com is almost as good as a dick in the mouth.


"It's also hilarious how much of the comment section is made of people with steamy crushes ... you've got creepy fans, man."

haha! Bazinga :) Creepy crushy comments are the highest form of flattery. That and hair voodoo dolls, right? Right??

"I’ve basically been taking a break from writing because I haven’t enjoyed doing it. ... especially if the main reason I was doing it in the first place was for my own amusement. Even so I get so guilt-stricken whenever I neglect my blog that I felt obligated to at least check in..."

Aww, that makes me feel bad. Poor you -- go tuck yourself in somewhere and quit feeling guilt-stricken. Go enjoy something. Hopefully writing, but making yourself do it will just make you hate it. Just take comfort that you're way better at it than Showalter, haha. That fool is a once a 6-months (maybe) poster. As long as you're beating him, you're good :)

Congrats on the future work of potential futility. How de-motivating is that to work on something you're not sure will even be used? We'll be thinking of you and crossing anything crossable that MMHI gets picked back up. I wish you guys could go over to FX or some other channel that would value you more and give you the time and episodes to cull some show loyalty. Well good funnying to you, and thanks for the hello. You don't have to, but it's nice you do. Cause you're great.


Another vote for more in office shenanigans/Sho-Black sabotaging and less sketches. I hate comparing shows to other shows, but once 30 Rock started focusing more on the characters' development (and developments) in the World of a SNL show, the humor was less scattered and "hit or miss".

That was probably a pretty obvious comment, as a series of sketches would OF COURSE be less centralized and focused than a sitcom.


Agreed--cut the sketches, stick to the office hijinks. And if Comedy Central doesn't pick up season 2, you can at least use some of the jokes for your next show or whatever you guys decide to do next, so it's not all for naught.


I like the sprinkling of sketches.

You haven't been toooo lethargic. My mother in law told she saw you in a preview for the show Mercy? Tell us when it's on, Black!

Vic's mom

In reference to my comment on the 'Thanksgiving is Coming' blog entry - I should have known better than to expect a Christmas favor from a Jew...


I liked the sketches too :) There was so much that made me laugh there, I would hate to see em go. Can I be oh-so-bold as to suggest tinkering with your transitions? The hosting part, where you introduced the sketches, I think if you tweaked that so there was a smoother transition between the hilarity of the off stage shenanigans and the more structured funny of the sketches, I think it would be really neat. (And don't ya know? I am such the tv expert.)

Anyway, I doubt you brought up the news of maybe sort of having your show back as a segue to open season criticizing it, but I thought I'd chip in. I really hope you guys get picked up. I was just talking about your Megan Phelps brouhaha to a coworker, and she said, "Is he from Michael and Michael Have Issues?" "Yes!" "My boyfriend and I love that show." So yipee. Hope I hear more of that soon :) Good luck.


As far as MMHI goes - I just want so see a LOT more gyrating, babe.


Stay positive! We're all rooting for you!


An eBay commercial? You whore.


Oh man, please write a post about your Twitter-interactions with Megan Phelps. Fascinating! Are these Westboro Baptist Church folks for real? They may be funnier than real comedy if they weren't so scary.

Your show better get picked up for another season. That was the one show my whole family sat together in the same room to watch. That's saying a lot.


Great idea Lori. That Megan Phelps thing is weird. Two things on that. I found out they only have like 20 members and they're all related. How jinky. On the one hand, what they do is so horrid, I like protesting _them_. On the other hand, what they do is so ridiculous, it's clear they _crave_ negative attention, so then I almost _don't_ want to talk about them because it almost feels like rewarding them. Even when I call them stupid hateful jerk faces. (ooooh, BURN Phelps's!) Conundrum. I don't get that. It's like that whole troll phenomenon.


People who purposefully try to rile you. What's the point of that? Seems a waste of energy to me. Peace and love my brothers and sisters. And to you to Mike. Happy holidays ;)


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