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October 07, 2009

Well Done

I don't normally get very political with this blog, but I thought this was very well done. Particularly great is the interview at the very end with the Teabagger. Don't just skip to the end, though, because the whole thing is worth watching.


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Facts schmacts!

Hey, thanks for that. Definitely passing that on.


I wanted to get emancipated from my mommy and she was all, "Really? And how are you going to afford that?" And I was like, "I'll hook or something." And she was all, "Yeah, and how will you pay for healthcare? You're really going to need it with all the STDs you're going to get and for all the other stupid things you do." So I was like "Dude, lady. I'm totally moving to another country." And she was all, "You're brilliant." But she kind of sounded sarcastic.


The guy at the end is classic - and sadly representative of so many people on this issue.

Zulema Quintanilla

Im afraid to watch it cuz i think its gonna have one of those screaming ending! This would be a perfect opportunity for one!


Michael, in my humble opinion, you should be more expressive with your political beliefs. Everyone knows that republicans don't have a sense of humor, so they clearly won't be paying you any attention.

I've heard your stand up (yes, just yours although i love Stella (and you (and yes i did triple parentheses to show you how deeply i love you))) and I felt like you were on the cusp of telling some "progressive/liberal jokes". I could see you feeling that you don't want to be "labeled" as a "political" comedian, but how about doing more Countdown or Rachel Maddow stuff in between Judd Apatow films?

Hopefully, you are just really fucking busy making Stella shorts, MMHI season 2, and touring the fuck out of this country and making millions doing commercials and writing more books.

I can't get enough of you, and neither can my friends after I share you with them. If only i had more than 1 friend.

P.S. the only time in my life i actually went to a "corporate" website was to watch clips of you doing klondike stuff. If that isn't devotion, then I don't know what is. I could literally watch you make breakfast and be entertained. If i were a millionaire i'd give you ever cent I had to put out more material!

Reen Python

And now for something completely different.

Two cool dudes. Hangin' out and lookin' fiiiine.


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