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September 24, 2009

Michael and Michael Have Live Tour

Most-up-to-date including new Philly and Boston dates.

Oct 11 — Detroit!
Royal Oak Music Theatre

Oct 13 — Chicago!

Oct 14 — Milwaukee!
Turner Hall

Oct 15 — Minneapolis!

Oct 17 — Denver!
Ogden Theatre

Oct 22 — Los Angeles!
Orpheum Theatre

Oct 23 — Oakland!
Fox Theatre

Oct 27 — Montclair, NJ!
Wellmont Theater

Oct 28 — Washington, D.C.!
Sixth & I Synagogue

Oct 29 — Philadelphia!

Oct 30 — Boston!
Wilbur Theatre


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What about October 9th? Hmmmmm?

Amy Anderson

Why no NYC???


Get your arses up to Seattle! Please.

Kristina E.

I love how each city has an explamation point after. Although I say Milwaukee should have TWO because it's the coolest city and you're coming to my hometown!!!!


wtf? still no Texas dates? ugh, you Michaels disgust me! :P


Please come to south Florida! D:
I just got My Custom Van awhile ago and all my friends and I totally love it, as well as Michael & Michael. FLORIDA WANTS YOU.


What is the password to order Boston tickets??


I'll see you in Boston! :D


It's like you know my schedule, and you go to where I'm going to be a week before I'm going to be there. Time and time again, Michael! I don't know why you have to be like this.


Please come back to The Social in Orlando...I didn't get to see you guys last time and I regret it. :[


coming up to canada? i'd love to see you in toronto again!


I'm on your Ground Team for Oakland! I'm so exited. I will litter the Bay with your glory. :D

Andrew D-Black

Which reminds me... we'll see you and Michael in lovely Montclair. The wife and I live in Newark. Yes, actually living. In Newark. It's a scream. Gotta go, a 10 year old is shooting up the park.

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