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September 23, 2009

I Smell Conspiracy!!!

Were Bob Dylan and Muammar Gaddafi separated at birth?

Check it out:




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Oh boy, love it. They never are the same place at the same time now, are they? Dylan also has a "George Harrison Gaunt" going on there while Gadaffi reminds me of a bloated Lionel Ritchie.

Will they be making cameos in Part 3 of your Hollywood story that is sure to be coming soon because you are true to your word?


Congratulations Reen...you have defeated me.

Eric Thomas Craven

Another shocking conspiracy--one that, after years of research, I'm finally willing to share with the world (thanks largely in part to your courage in exposing the Dylan/Gaddafi scandal)--is the origin of Elton John.

The results will BLOW YOU AWAY.



Gaddafi looks "gadawful!"
Actually, I think he looks more like Keanu Reeves may look 30 years from now.


Bob does not look amused.


>< Gaddafi is a psychopath.

Andrew D-Black

My wife and I rather independently had this same thought. We do believe that Quahogdafi is the uglier of the two. Poor bugger.


personally I think he looks more like jim varney

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Thats a big question and yet confusing one that were Bob Dylan and Muammar Gaddafi seperated after birth.Thanks for sharing your thinkings with us.

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Right, these two famous people look alike but the jawline separates the looks. There is a wide difference- Bob Dylan sang for Peace and Gaddafi not all favors him, he's labeled a dictator by most of his people.

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