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September 24, 2009

I Read The Essay "Taco Party" From My Book "My Custom Van"


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This was my favorite essay from the book. And I think hearing you read it just made it better. :|


I know you ignore these comments, but I thought I'd ask anyway -- Since your paperback has two more essays than your hardcover will you make those two new essays available -- for a minimal fee -- to those who already own your hardcover or do you really think your ruse to make us buy both editions will work?


Wait, so if what Darren says is true, you've tricked us. You've cheated us out of something and given more to the cheap bastards! I guess it doesn't really matter to me though, because I stole your book anyways. Sorry. I'm a klepto. That's my challenge to overcome.


That was so f*&%ing elegant Michael Ian Black. I love how f@&%ing into it you are you f#@%ing make the side table f#&%ing convulse.

You're so f*&%ing awesome.


and elegant.


wait. there are extra essays in the cheaper paperback???? wtf!

Zulema Quintanilla

FUCK YES! Thank You! You made my fucking day! I nearly choked on the taco i was eating while watching this cuz i was fucking laughing so god-damn fucking much! you like sour cream? Me Too!

Mr. Pogo

MIB! If I wasn't already so invested in being myself, I would want to be you.

Hearing this reading finally made me go out and buy your book (though the buying part involved me having Amazon send it to my brother in Vegas for his birthday, not to me).

Taco Party Lover

This excerpt has made my buddies and I start talking about having a Taco Party. We are taking our time and planning it to be awesome and everyone will be invited :D Will post details and video when we do work it all out.

Thanks Michael!

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Laura @ 3 Wheel Bike

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