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September 06, 2009

Going on Tour With Showalter!

Myself and the guy I work with are going on tour! Below are the first announced dates. There may be a few more to follow. On a scale of 1-1000, in terms of awesomeness, I think it's going to be a 600!

Sept 19 YMCA Boulton Center, Bay Shore, NY (Black Only)
Oct 11 Royal Oak, Detroit, MI
Oct 13 Metro, Chicago, IL
Oct 14 Turner Hall, Milwaukee, WI
Oct 15 Pantages, Minneapolis, MN
Oct 17 Ogden Theatre, Denver, CO
Oct 23 Fox Theatre, Oakland, CA
Oct 27 Wellmont Theater, Montclair, NJ
Oct 28 Sixth & I Synagogue, Washington, DC
Oct 29 Trocadero, Philadelphia, PA


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Nick Robinson

Neglecting North Carolina once again! Thanks, fucker!


hahahahah it looks like the sept 19 gig is segregated.


DAMN FUCK U BITCH DETROIT!!!!...not Michael...DETROIT..that place is a shittown why not come 2 gr,mi??!
aw fuck it there is no sanitary/amusing place 2 play in mi.

why do u look extremly high in that pic up there?!?!?

Ivan Alfaro

That's incredibly random cities. Why not visit Atlanta jerkface?


Come to Miami, FL!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!


Finally you two are coming up to Minnesota! Now we can meet and then "meat" each other while fulfilling all of my gay threesome fantasies at once!


Here's to hoping you add a ~*south east*~ date.


It's racist that the Sept 19 show is black only.


Damn, I got all excited for nothing...
I see you guys are scared of us southerners... Understood.
But I wish y'all would come closer.


Come to louisville, or at least cinnci


Can't wait! I'm going to head up to the DC show, but you two need to come to NC too!


What the fuck? Oakland?! Why don't you understand that so cal loooooves you. You better add LA, shithead. Please?


If you come to Atlanta I might consider actually watching your show sometime.


You got something against the Northwest?

c'mon, Seattle loves you.


That Kind of Girl

The fact that the Sept 19 show changed from "Blacks only" to "Black only" made more sense, but then, as I thought about it, less sense.


Seattle hates you, but you should add a tour date for her most defintely.


Happy Labor Day weekend.
The 13th is in Chicago. You guys always hit Chicago on the 13th. I think it's purposeful. It's the devils date. You and that guy you work with will be "protected" as you mysteriously blow in like "Cooger & Dark's Pandemonium Shadow Show".


Hello. I see there is nothing close to Los Angeles. I know LA has many negative aspects...but I live here! I need to see you! Damn you, Michaels.


What do you have against the South? That's right. Southeast US has plenty to offer, like slave(s) & Chik-fil-a


Can't believe you aren't coming to atlanta. I know at least 2 people here who like you.


Still sad that the show you guys had in May somewherez in Boston was canceled. I got my ticket in the mail and everything.

If you do end up in New England, I'll definitely be there. If not... I might even be willing to drive to Philly if I have the time. D:


COME TO BUFFALO NEW YORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUFFALO! BUFFALO! We're like 8 hours from NYC...take the stupid train!!! PLEASE!!!

Who else?

A tour date in San Diego is as likely as an offer of cunnilingus from you. It won't happen, but if it did, I would surely come.


It's "Me and the guy with whom I work", not "Myself and the guy I work with".


Sorry, it's actually "The guy with whom I work and I".

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