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August 11, 2009

Thanks for Being Awesome, Nature

Anything dedicated to Carl Sagan is okay by me. Add some Floyd and phrases like "the single most important image ever taken by humanity," and I'm sold. Found this on DailyGalaxy.com, which is a great site for anybody interested in stuff that's cooler than anything you can think of - because it was thought of by God, who is cooler than you. And who also has a better beard.


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FYI MIB, IMHO APOD... is a pretty swell site too.



That is such BS. The picture I took of my dog is waaaaaay more important than that.


I spend a good amount of my free time thinking of other galaxies and other worlds. Thanks for the video, I don't think I'm wasting my time in doing so. Now if you could only come up with some proof that there is in fact a Bizarro World or proof of dopplegangers. Then maybe I would be let off my meds.


Very cool. We get so wrapped up in the everyday happenings that it's refreshing (and necessary) to stretch our pea brains once in a while. Thanks.


I never knew astronomy could be so sexy.

nothing says science like whaling guitars.


That video was disappointingly underwhelming. If we’re going to go into how awesome space is than the Milky Way stealing our solar system from the Sagittarius Galaxy should at least be mentioned. Since the Sagittarius Galaxy is much smaller it doesn’t produce as much energy. Some scientists think that our solar system is still adjusting to the higher energy levels of the Milky Way which is why all of the planets are heating up.

Anyway... time to de-nerd...


Announcing your birthday on Twitter will ensure that you get at least 500,000 Happy Birthday messages, something that will hopefully give you some small pleasure in knowing that you are noticed and loved. Actually reading them will probably diminish that joy by realizing how pathetic most of the responses are. Some "OMG, it's my birthday 2!! We are both so cool!" and many "Going to Appleby's? Get the ________!" or "Going to Appleby's? How lame for a big star like you!" and the odd "Hope the wife wants a HBI tonight". Ugh. I do hope someone comes up with something that makes you laugh and that you enjoy your big day. In honor of your birthday, I am mentally making you one big pancake in the shape of a penis with a lit candle sticking out of the schnid.

how to surf

Michael, what was that old comedy central show you were on in the 90's. There might have been more than one, I feel like the intro to it was in all black and white...I can't remember the name tho.


Nothing sexier than Orion's belt...


"Anything dedicated to Carl Sagan is okay by me."

maybe you forgot about this:


Skin-Face McGee

Thank you for posting this. I'm very interested in this sort of thing but am often distracted by day to day life and making sure that I catch MMHI. But every time I have a brush w/ something astronomically deep like this it blows my mind. If I didn't have self-diagnosed severe ADHD I would have like gone to school for this stuff or something. Because of you, I might just go pick up a book by Neil DeGrasse Tyson after work today. That guy is cool.


This clip has nothing to do with nature and everything to do with good genes.


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