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July 10, 2009

Me On Ferguson Last Night


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michael is so much funnier than craig ferguson


I can't believe you were sick! So funny and on top of things. Interesting Kilborn shout out...Ferguson almost forgot there was someone before him.


Plus there's the fact that the show itself very nearly could have been called the Late Late Show with Michael Ian Black - maybe you already referenced that fact on a previous appearance.


Why didn't you call jinx on Craig?! That was a funny moment. You loose promiscuous married men, you so crazy.

I wish he would have talked to you more about your show, but at least it did showcase your incisive wit and sparkling smile. win + win.


You consistently make me smile :) Thanks a bunch.


Highly enjoyable. I love watching his show, and it's 10x better with you on it.


Best part of the whole thing...

"Do you email twitter?"
"Oh my god......"


Haha, I don't Kilborn would have been as pleasant or capable as Ferguson. At least he appreciates your wit and charm... although maybe not as much as us. Also, that was a really ugly jacket. I'm glad it is no longer in your possession.

Big Dummy

I know you must be tired of this question, but is The State going to be released on DVD?


I wish your brother-in-law's wife was Kathy Hagen who was my 3rd grade teacher. Because I dunno, that'd just be flipping awesome.


You did a very good job of hiding the seething bitterness you feel towards Craig. You could practically see the lightbulb over his head when you said it was Kilborn's jacket..."oh shit, HE was up for this job, too".

That 17 year old with the pledge...good lord! I just spent the weekend with the old high school theater and speech team crowd and there were four guys there that were that kid in HS. He'll grow up and live with an artist in San Fran and carry a murse (man purse....I never heard it called that, but apparently it's out there)

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