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July 02, 2009

Less Than Two Weeks To Go!

Less than two weeks to go until our mighty new show premieres. I feel like my wife did when we were expecting our first child: nauseous and craving mashed potatoes. After a year of working on this show, it's exciting to see the whole thing finally coming together.

In the next couple weeks, Sho and I will be doing as much press as we can to promote the show. He's going to be on Letterman, I'm going on Ferguson, we're both going on Fallon, and lots of other print and radio stuff. Doing press is sort of fun and sort of a chore. The tough part is answering the same questions over and over again. Already, there are certain questions I've grown sick of:

1. So what are your "issues?"
2. Where's David Wain?
3. Which Michael gets top billing?
4. Why is Showalter such a dick?

The thing I am most looking forward to about finishing is getting to be with my family again, who I feel like I have not seen in two months. I guess the reason I feel that way is that I pretty much haven't seen them in two months. Once we started shooting, the hours were so long that I could only get home on the weekends, which made for a fairly monastic existence.
As populous as it is, New York can also be a lonely town, particularly if you make no effort to see anybody or do anything - which is what I did. That's because work is so energy-intensive that I just didn't want to hang out when I was done for the day. Consequently, my only friends during those long days were my internet connection and Ambien.

Once the press is done, I'm going to take off the rest of the summer and just be with the woman I love. And also my wife.


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Don't bring the wife, wimmen are funny about stuff like that.


Hopefully you will be with your lovely family very very soon.

If I were a person who believed all your b.s. I'd say, as far as your lover goes, hopefully she is an Italian woman who knows her pastry. With all that anxiety and nausea you are experiencing, you must be losing weight. You'll need a pasta loving mistress who gets off on pushing something down *your* throat, for a change.


"The thing I am most looking forward to about finishing is getting to be with my family again."

A sweet little piece of sincerity buried in that funny basket. Like a bonus onion ring in an order of fries. The fries are yummy, but look! Bonus onion ring!

You are fried and delicious :)


That is criminal that neither of you will be on the funniest late night show there is... CONAN!
That would be comedy gold.

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