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July 27, 2009

Jessi Klein is a Lovely Beast

Our own Jessi Klein, star of tonight's "Matchmaker" episode on "Michael and Michael," wrote an article about us for "The Daily Beast." In real life, there's nothing beasty about Jessi, other than her morning attitude when she hasn't had her coffee!!!!!!!!!!!! (The exclamation points were meant to indicate that I was saying that joke in a very specific way in my head which involved me speaking in a very thick New York accent. I realize that exclamation points don't convey that at all, which is why this parenthetical became necessary, but I I also thought all those extra exclamation marks would make the sentence read funnier whether or not you were reading it with a thick New York accent in your own head)

Jessi is a terrific writer who, along with Kumail Nanjiani, probably single-handedly elevated our show from barely watchable to merely watchable. I am also a fan of her acting, which involves a lot of facial tics and horrendous insecurity masquerading as witty self-deprecation. I enjoy this so much because I am equally guilty of it, and thus recognize myself in it. Although she is much cuter about it.

Anyway, if you'd like to read the article: click here.


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Mike, please remember to fill us in as soon as you find out if MMHI is picked up for another season!!! (for serious this time)


Enjoyed Jessi's observation:

Black is calm and quiet—more like a cat. Showalter is emotional and passionately verbal—more like a dog. Ironically, Black owns a dog. Ironically, Showalter owns several cats.

From my many travels with you both I have to agree.

"Star of TONIGHTS episode". Tonights? Did we miss the show? Or do YOU need one of those daily reminder calendars with a cat on it? I have a few I got free from my bank I can give you next time I see you for 2 minutes in Chicago. They cost a 100.00 on the street, but you can have it for 73.44 because you're cute! Especially when you pretend to talk like you're from New York!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just like that song that wants to tell us about the boy from New. York. City. Twiggy sings it.


From Klein's article:
"The ongoing joke is that their volatile emotional tensions are detonated by such trivial minutiae as...who will give an interview to an office intern writing for his college newspaper."

College newspaper? I knew Greg was supposed to be in college, not high school. Who rewrote that as high school? Were you worried about offending your core demographic by laughing at the pettiness of a college newspaper?

andy crawford

Love Marla! She's got way more issues than the Michaels. She should be the main character. You guys should be maybe just her neighbors or something.


"Although she is much cuter about it."

Lies. I also love Marla, and your interview.

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