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July 24, 2009

A Pre-Interview with the National Lampoon

We never got to the interview and I still don't have a crown.


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I know there was probably shtick going on here (at least on the interviewer's end), but this made me feel SO much better about the interview I did with you guys. And reminded me of it, too.


I did want to smack the trucker's hat off his head the entire time I was watching. Nothing personal, interviewing dude, just some primal redneck impulse I can't really control.

Clayton Tillotson

I sort of feel like the last 12 minutes of my life were wasted and I'll never get them back. Thanks a lot, trucker hat guy. I mean, I thought the awkwardness of the pre-interview was funny at first, but then it just wasn't funny. And then it really wasn't funny. I'm sorry.


I completely disagree with you, Clayton (nee dumbass).
I thought this was very, very funny. One of my favorite things.
If you can't figure out how it is funny, then you don't need it to be explained to you because you won't change your mind.
It just is because it is.

Well done, boys.


Hilarious....even after they explain, there's no need for this preamble, just ask us the questions, he goes right back to his precious agenda.

"There's no board..." Wonderful!


At the very, very beginning I thought it was real. But then I didn't think that anymore, because I'm very very clever.


Trucker hat reminds me of one of Chris Farleys SNL characters: "Remember when you were in The Beatles? (pause pause pause pause) That was awesome."

Awkward and unnecessary - I giggled throughout. At one point Sho looks like he is either biting or licking his hand out of sheer boredom.

I suspect this interview reflects the types of interviews you guys have to deal with from time to time. For dealing with that, I tip my hat. (Which is a lot less painful than tipping my uterus).


Matt Zaller reminds me of a cross between Judah Friedlander and David Kromholtz.

Dino, Bosnia

it was funny in not hilarious way, it was Michael Ian Black way funny. It is a happy situation going on here, I feel nice while watching this.
Am I very wrong if I recognise Monty Python in here? Im totally not suggesting that You copy M.P. but I am saying that you are good.


this is $%^&* hilarious

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