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June 20, 2009

That's A Wrap

"That's a Wrap" is not only a terrific name for a pseudo health-conscious sandwich shop, it's also what we said last night around eleven o'clock to signify the end of shooting on "MMHI." The announcement was greeted with many hugs, tears, ass grabs, etc.

The end of a long shoot is always a time of mixed emotions. On one hand, one is happy to be finished with the long, long days and questionable catering. On the other hand, intense friendships are formed over the weeks, and we haven't had a chance to have terrible falling-outs yet, which is how I know a friendship has completed its cycle.

Our entire crew was magnificent, doing heroic work on a very tight budget. Each one of them is the film equivalent of a really hot stewardess on a discount air carrier.

The next step is editing. After that we put the shows on the air and then obsessively check the internet for every single random mention. The premiere is less than a month away. Sho and I are very excited and nervous. I'm also nauseous but that has more to do with eating my first "finger steaks" here in Montana than with anything having to do with the show.

Observation: any food that incorporates the word "finger" is probably not going to be the smartest choice, although Butterfingers taste pretty good.


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"...we haven't had a chance to have terrible falling-outs yet."

But isn't that the premise for the entire show?


"Each one of them is the film equivalent of a really hot stewardess on a discount air carrier." What a nice compliment for them :)

So, this wrap up/editing time, is this like when you get dressed for the prom and you are waiting for your date? That is an ugly fifteen minutes. You think you look good, that your hair is just right, and your dress the right color, but you've got just enough time to start thinking, and double thinking, and changing things. A new lip color here, add some body glitter there, brush out a few curls. Then re-curl them again. But don't you know the original curls looked better.... and waiting. Nothing great has really happened yet. You are waiting for your date and crossing your fingers for a magical night.

I totally hope you get laid prom night boys. You look gorgeous. Don't change a thing.

Love y'all!


p.s. Happy Father's Day MIB. I hope your waterboardings are especially effective today.

The Naked Redhead

I usually end a "show" (aka "community theatre") with drinking and random hook-ups, but you know, to each his own.


As a Montana native, I can assure you the finger steaks are safe, as I have no idea what they are. Rocky Mountain Oysters are a completely different story.


no way!! um...chicken "fingers"


My belated congratulations on wrapping up at MMHI, and best of luck keeping a clear head during post. Make sure you allow yourself plenty of hammock time. Can't wait to see the finished product! I haven't laughed out loud at anything on TV since the season finale of 30 Rock. (Unless you count a local news spot in Hartford where an elderly woman got robbed by an unarmed ten year old. Heh heh ... old people.)

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