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June 07, 2009

I Love You, Internet

From some website:

Now to cover the other end of the spectrum I think absolute craziest Twitter background title belongs to Mr. Michael Ian Black in which has a depiction of him hiding behind Dr. Pepper cans evidently naked and apparently strangling a unicorn while Demi Moore is looking on.

This background seems to be helping him gain followers because he also has over a quarter of a million followers, even though he is not famous. He does claim to be a famous comedian but his claim to fame is from an obscure show on MTV which no one watched since MTV has stopped playing video and started ripping off Mexican TV game shows. His Twitter background can be seen at http://twitter.com/michaelianblack


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^^I wonder if people know that the plural of douche is "douches", not "douche's". I also wonder if they know that "Filled" is not a proper noun in that sentence and there's no need to capitalize the first letter.

Yes, I am one for pointing that out, because boy do I feel cleansed.


I always thought it was more of a loving headlock than a strangle.


lefty: http://s3.amazonaws.com/twitter_production/profile_background_images/5117952/afjawc.jpg (the full glorious background - complete with unicorn awesomeness)


you ARE famous! aty least to me anyways...
and according to the shrine i have on my wall, you sexy thang ;)


Awesome Reen -- I needed that. Good MIB fix :)

And that bedtime trick _is_ pretty genius. I am totally stealing that. So thanks to Mikey's Mom too!

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No one has mentioned Viva Variety???

Sad sad sad...

I also liked you on Celebrity Poker because your sense of humor rocks in ad lib situations...


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