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June 07, 2009

I Love You, Internet

From some website:

Now to cover the other end of the spectrum I think absolute craziest Twitter background title belongs to Mr. Michael Ian Black in which has a depiction of him hiding behind Dr. Pepper cans evidently naked and apparently strangling a unicorn while Demi Moore is looking on.

This background seems to be helping him gain followers because he also has over a quarter of a million followers, even though he is not famous. He does claim to be a famous comedian but his claim to fame is from an obscure show on MTV which no one watched since MTV has stopped playing video and started ripping off Mexican TV game shows. His Twitter background can be seen at http://twitter.com/michaelianblack


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They're just jealous that THEY dont have such an awesome Twitter background.

I saw that MTV2 was playing The State at 2am all last week, by the way.

Am I actually FIRST for once? Nice.


Good stuff. That guy sounds like my Scientologist Uncle.

Good thing you have that kooky Demi Moore/Unicorn killing background or you'd be hurting for followers, for sure.

"Evidently naked"? Who IS this guy? Is he the tranny you got all worked up with your sexy arm hair talk?

Kari Wolfe

Hey, you were that guy in the VH-1 "I Love the [insert decade here]" ! We know who you are :)


I only follow you for the unicorn strangling.

Liz Brooks

I love watching you on Vh-1 stuff. You are hilarious! And your twitter feed is just as funny.


Wait a minute, you mean you've done more than that bit on Tim and Eric's Awesome Show Great Job?!

The Naked Redhead

Look at you with the bad review and garnering you even more traffic! With that kind of negativity, you'll be the Spencer and Heidi of comedy in no time...except naked and doing harm to mythical creatures. AWESOME. :)

At least that reviewer showed some respect and called you "Mr.".


He didn't even notice how soft your arm hair is as you choke that uni. weak.


Is that really Demi Moore? It doesn't really look like her to me.

BTW, haters suck. Don't listen to them.


Um, just look at his IMDB entry.
It's full of stuff he's been in and done.
(That's what she said.)
"Not famous?" He's a household name.


How do you actually see the entire background? Am i a mindless twit for not knowing how to do this seemingly simple task?


oh, come on, you're the only person i even remember from any of the various "I love the..."
but is this person blind, that's obv. not demi moore, she's way too youthful-looking.

dr. pepper is <3 btw.


What a dick! What a douche-y DICK!


Man, looking at that guy's site in general reveals him to be some new, magnificent level of douche the likes of which I've rarely encountered in the wild. I know how busy you are, Michael, or you would have had even more fun with that dude. Wow.


Michael Ian Black looks like Bill Paxton in Near Dark.

I just needed to get that out. I feel much better now.
Also I don't twitter, and I'm a hot young twenty-something.
The end.


Screw that guy, man. You kicked ass on Ed.


Wow Jon -- you're right, but only with the glasses on. That is weird.

Man, what is up with Bill Paxton? I just spotted him in _Streets of Fire_ (That is an 80's rock opera with Rick Moranis, Diane Lane, and Willem Defoe by the way. There's just not enough of those.) His 80's career is so random. Now I want to watch _Near Dark_.


You should go to this website and complain about it: www.heyasshat.com


Wow. The grammar in that article is shockingly bad.


My GOD, that's a LONG suppressor.

Busy later?

Ali Star

dude. i have been in love with MIB (hahaha just noticed that lame initial line :D) anyways--since i started watching kids in the hall when i was young. that guy that says he isn't an awesome killer wonderful comedian is obviously huffing drugs.


^ yeah...think you were thinking of The State...not KITH.

And wow. What an asshole ha.
Funny that he took the time to describe your Twitter background, but the fact that he obviously has no idea who you are and then decides to write "about you" is retarded. At least use IMDB!


I miss your real blogs :( I know, I am such a selfish bitch.

I am comforting myself with the knowledge that soon I will get to see your fabulous show, Mr. Fabulous. I am so glad everyone gets to see how fantastic you are. But I am so sorry you have to work so hard to get it out there. You are great.

Lastly, contrary to your tweet, you need to know: if I tell you you look nice, you do have to touch my boob. That is a rule.

Au revoir Monsieur Fantastique!

Stacey E

I wonder if people know that the definition of "douche" is to cleanse? Here's an example used in a sentence, "The French are not known to douche." Rather than, France is Filled with douche's. Don't believe me? Go up on the Eiffel Tower, or walk on those silly steps out in front of their big famous church and see how many of those losers complain about "the Americans". Of course, if you say anything back to them, they'll wait until you're well out of slugging range to come back with one of their "witty" retorts. Pricks.
If you can avoid the people, France is a lovely place to visit.

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