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June 25, 2009


So now we're editing, which means we're putting together everything we shot into an actual TV show instead of just hours of footage of Showalter forgetting his lines. The way you edit is load everything onto super computers and then nocturnal people with big eyes use magic to make into it a movie.

So far, the editing is going well. We've got first cuts of all of the episodes, which is good considering we start airing in less than a month. Our goal is to have everything pretty much done by the end of June so that if time shrinks it'll still be ready for our July 15th premiere. (By "time shrinks," I meant the literal shrinkage of time-space, which is also one theoretical way you would travel at warp speed.)

I will say that I'm thrilled to be done with shooting. Shooting is hard work, and as I get older I realize more and more that I was not cut out for that sort of thing. Easy work, yes. Shooting Klondike commercials, for example. That's pretty easy work. Writing, acting, directing, and producing? Not as easy. So it's good to be onto the final phase of our show.

Increasingly the question in our minds is: will anybody watch? Fortunately I have little control over that, so it's not something I spend a lot of time worrying about. I would say I worry as much about how many people will watch as I do about the state of Jon and Kate's marriage, which is to say I worry about it, but not so much that it's affecting my appetite.


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oh i will watch it. and watch it hard.

(if i were a man, that would have a different connotation...as it is, it seems i'll just concentrate intensely on the watching of the show)

Meredith Stockton

Well, duh.

The Naked Redhead

I was not aware that time, like many men, also experiences shrinkage. Thank you for the education.


I'm eating a Klondike bar so I'm really getting a kick out of your entry.

Sarah F

Don't worry, the hubs and I will be watching! Meanwhile, we'll just watch old "Stella" eps on Hulu...


FYI - Somehow I'm on the "Comedy Central Crew" - which means they send me a lot of surveys and a lot of them have been about you and Showalter and the upcoming show. I'm giving you two as glowing a review as I can. Write me if you want more details.


I hope many watch! THe best of luck to you,fella.

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