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June 18, 2009

A Very Quick Bonnaroo Wrap-Up

Although I am surely not the first person to call it “Bongaroo,” I was nonetheless pleased with myself when I thought of renaming the hippie-dippy Tennessee music festival from which I just returned. Michael Showalter and myself spent a scant few hours at Bonnaroo, but we had a great time during our brief stay and I definitely went apeshit on the free Butterfingers.

Butterfinger sponsored the comedy tent where we were performing, so there were lots of tiny individually wrapped candies in lieu of the fresh vegetables and dip that we usually have backstage. Is that a good thing? I guess it depends on your perspective, but I will say that Butterfingers taste surprisingly good dipped in Ranch dressing.

The shows themselves were good. Nick Kroll and Aziz Ansari performed with us, and during the first show the lovely Margaret Cho showed up and did a surprise set. So that was cool. Both Nick and Aziz were hysterical, especially one of them but I’m not going to say which one because it would definitely upset the other one. But ONE of them was amazing. AND good-looking. The only downside was that the shows were only scheduled for around an hour and fifteen minutes so Showalter and I didn’t have a lot of time to perform, since we were hosting the night and wanted to make sure everybody had time for their sets.

There is a common misconception that comedy and music go hand in hand. That’s usually not the case. Doing comedy at a music festival is actually very difficult since comedians do not compete well with musicians on any level. We’re not as cool, and we’re certainly not as loud. Last year, Sho and I went to the Sasquatch Festival in Oregon. The Mars Volta was playing while we were doing our show, the result of which was that our audience was able to see us, but hear the Mars Volta. Pretty sure that’s not a good combo.

Bonnaroo actually did a very good job of keeping the two things separate. There was a tiny bit of spillover from the music, but they had a great big air-conditioned tent for the comedians which worked well. If they invite us back, I’d love to go, although next time I’m hoping we can stay for more than a few hours. The reason we had to come and go so quickly is that we’re still in production on our TV show and there just wasn’t time to hang out and enjoy the amazing bands they had: Bruce Springsteen, Public Enemy, Beastie Boys, Band of Horses. They also had Phish! You will note I separated Phish from the list of amazing acts. Actually, I’ve been making fun of Phish a lot but the truth is, I honestly don’t even know their music. My mockery is coming entirely from a place of ignorance based on their genre: jam band. I’ve never been fan of free form musical experimentation because I am not a fan of being bored.

Anyway, thanks Bongaroo for having us and thanks Butterfinger for providing hours of jokes based on your name. 


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So that's what all those tweets about "the butterfinger man" were for. Hungry stoners that wanted candy.

Glad the show went well.

And your intuition was right: Phish blows.


Is it true that the kids at Bonnarroo shower in ranch dressing? I heard there was nothing else to bathe in, and they're probably all tripping on shrooms so ranch looks like water, and vice versa.


Oh MIB, thank you so much for making me laugh out loud every time I read this:

"I’ve never been fan of free form musical experimentation because I am not a fan of being bored."

You are a funny, funny man.


I caught your second show and it was hilarious! I didn't actually see either Phish performance of the weekend, so I can't say this with any certainty, but you were way better than Phish.


Bruce Springsteen cannot hold a toothpick to Band of Horses.


Wow, Therese.....swing and miss.

Bash Phish all you want (and you should), but let's not kid ourselves and think that anywhere close to 85,000 people would turn out to see the dude from I Love the 90s. Gotta show some respect to living legends, even if you hate them.


Hey Michael, caught a bit of your show at the ROO. Great Stuff. I was busy working the event too. If you want a sense of the festival and it's festivities check this out.. http://963jackfm.com//Article.asp?id=1364646

See ya July 15th on CC.


dear mib,

saw your first set. kroll was great, the other two were pretty good. wish you and showalter could have performed longer, i thought you two would get most of the time to do stand up (a la your previous tour with him). oh well.

i'm with you on phish but by insulting them, you have guaranteed that in future years you will be slotted to perform the same time as them if you ever come back to bonnaroo.

- ari


I am glad you had fun at roo this year, could you smell us from the stage?


dreamtard: I don't want to start a stupid argument, but I gotta stand up for Mike.

Sometimes brilliant people have to do stuff like VH1 for money. That shouldn't take away from the fact that he was involved with things like 'The State,' 'Wet Hot American Summer,' and 'Stella.' He's a part of comedic history.

And also, few thousand people that show up to enjoy intelligent comedy are worth twice as much as 85,000 dirty stoners who still live with their parents


Michael Ian Black.
i hate when your blogs end. please update more.

they are what get me through my Telemarketing job.


i love you, michael ian black. but sasquatch is in washington, not oregon.

washington state, holla!

Einstein Nachtmuzik

Yeah dude, Washington bro.


dreamtard: What an appropriate name.

SkinFaceMcGee: You have won the thread, sir.

And goddamn it, Sasquatch is in the great state of Washington, not in that home of dirty stoners and crazy rednecks known as Oregon.


Sasquatch is in Washington, not Oregon. I bet you pronounce it Or-ee-gone, too :P


Washington, not Oregon.
There is a difference. (for example, we host Sasquatch)


so much phish hating going on here. let's consider this people, without phish, would there be ben & jerry's phish food? I THINK NOT. and, i dont care how much you think their music blows, that makes their lives worthwhile.
about the whole dead body thing - im interested to find out about the autopsy report .. maybe there's a bonnaroo murderer going around preying on hippies, better watch out.


Fucktard. 'squatch is in WA.


How can you be so hot and SO WRONG about where Sasquatch happens?!? BAHHHHHHH!


SkinfaceMcGee: I agree with you completely. I think MIB's role in The State and Wet Hot American Summer automatically solidifies his legendary status in the world of comedy, and I'm a huge fan. But I'm sure there's plenty of people out there who just know him as the dude from I love the 90s, which, in my opinion, would be about as fair as blanketly hating on Phish without knowing any of their music.

I'm sure a bunch of you snarky hipsters would suck off Tom Yorke while maintaining eye contact if given the opportunity. And, just because I think Radiohead is ridiculously overrated, doesn't mean I don't respect the hell out of them and their career.

Annnd....let's qualitatively say that people who enjoy intelligent comedy ARE worth twice as much as dirty trust-fund hippies (which they definitely are)....42,500 people don't drive halfway across the country to live in a field for 3 days to see MIB's stand-up. Just show SOME respect. If Phish and the jam-band genre didn't exist, MIB would have just been jerking off last weekend at home.


I saw you last year at Sasquatch and the bleed over from the bands playing was definitely a problem. They fixed it this year, though. Moved the stages around a bit and made the comedy tent much bigger and easier to get in and out of.


Sasquatch is in Washington, not Oregon! The two states are not the same, actually. Oregon has better drivers, but Washington does have Sasquatch.


phish is a really sick band you should definitely listen to them

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