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April 16, 2009

One of My Favorite Things I've Ever Seen

I honestly don't know if I've ever been so inspired.

Now I have to throw out all my old die-cut, laser-etched, hologram embossed origami business cards and start all over. I also need to invest in a much better hair dryer.


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25 years? for that? Wow... life fail. I got to admit though, that business card is pretty bitchin.


And I'm sure Patrick Bateman would hate, if not kill, that guy.


Oh my goddess, wtf. Fatherfucking douchebag could never adequately describe this guy but it'll have to suffice. Does he even hear himself speak? Christ, what an "effective" asshole.


You just know he's been arrested for biting a ho or two.


Oh my lord, that's the first business card that has ever given me an orgasm.

Anna B

Haha, I love the comments in this post!

Gabbie Papazov

this man is brilliant! pop up cards are so in..


"Don't let not having the tools be your trepidation," he says. Well, I think that won't be a problem. I also manage to avoid letting apples be petunias -- it's really quite easy, not even requiring any effort, when the nature of A is, of itself, not even in the same ballpark as the nature of B.

If I was given a business card like that, quite honestly, it would promptly wind up in the trash. For any manner of personal economically-relevant association, I put zero value in personal marketing -- it's neither a showy style nor a broken metaphor that gets the job done. If someone is going to spend 25 years on a business card? I am certainly not interested in keeping such priorities.

As I see it, a business card's primary goal in existence -- it being an intangible thing, after all -- is to serve the utilitarian purpose of identifying a person for name, agency, and means for contact (email, phone, and if relevant, address). If it looks good in doing so, hooray for the business card, but it will just as much cease to be of relevance after I'll have added the contact details to whatever electronic address book that I'd be using, at the time -- to which ends, some clever guys came up with the vCard[1] standard, scarcely though it might be made use of, in real ground-level interactions.

That guy is a funny bird. Karnac predicts: He's from Los Angeles, that city full of people doing actually useful things, in work, art, and culture, and perhaps also full of a lot of what-have-you.

Hey, if he wants to be an overachiever about his self-marketing techniques, though, "more power to him". I'd regard his business card as junk mail. It looks like he thinks it's the best thing since non-lead drinking cups. I'm sure that the junk mailers think their work is necessary and justified, too. What a world.

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VCard


From his website: "Why have Disney, IBM, Francis Ford Coppola...relied on Joel Bauer?"

My guess is that they had that not so fresh feeling, and this guy was the biggest douche they could find.

Stacey E

The damned thing won't fit into a wallet. It took him 25 years to design it-oh my. The fact that it won't fit anywhere easily means it will be left laying on tables and flung into the trash on a constant basis.


Here he teaches you how to pack a suitcase.



my favorite part about this video aside from how passionate the man is about business cards would have to be...the awesomely framed pictures of adorable babies in the background.


...It even has a watermark!


Hilarious! I mean, you gotta give the guy props. He believes in himself 100%. Or has the ol'football coach used to say - 110%.
MIB, it's good to see you internetically.


*dies laughing*
He is sooo serious.
Love it.


Thanks for letting me know about this guy! I almost made the mistake of printing up some ordinary business cards. Instead, I have placed an order with him. Now, only a 25 year wait for him to design them. If you want something done right, you have to be patient.


Weird. I, too, thought of Patrick Bateman while watching this video. And then I thought "who did I lend that book to?" And then I thought "I really hope it wasn't someone with a strict moral code, because if so they've probably burned my book and have been praying for my salvation." To which I replied, "fuck those jerks." After that I ate some ice cream. That was two days ago.


OK, Patrick Bateman


I was going to put his card in my rolodex, but then I realized this wasn't 1985.

 Die Cut Business Cards

hahaha...Isn't he so effective?!

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Yes, this card belongs in the garbage.

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