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April 16, 2009

One of My Favorite Things I've Ever Seen

I honestly don't know if I've ever been so inspired.

Now I have to throw out all my old die-cut, laser-etched, hologram embossed origami business cards and start all over. I also need to invest in a much better hair dryer.


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Justin Haddock

Is it a problem if my business card is MADE of crap?


LMAO!!! This guy takes himself too freaking


I get up every morning, eat a bran muffin, and drink a cup of tea. Guaranteed.

Karl Peterson

If you like that you're going to love this: http://infotainer.com/infotainer/blog/about-joel/

His website!

I think you have a lot in common with him. I would definitely say that you're an "infotainer."

spencer drew bogart


he's absolutely right, though. strathmore 60 lb is cheap, and i would absolutely never associate myself with anyone who has a card printed on it.

this is the best thing i've seen all week. thanks, michael!


So do you think he will end up like the American Psycho guy?


shit. what DO i do, guaranteed?

Ashy C

That card'll cut you!! It's too badass to be contained by a rolodex.


I admit, sometimes I will criticize...


...without offering a resolution.


I love the happy baby pics on the fireplace behind him!


I guarantee that I laugh at douchebags like him EVERY. DAY.


His favorite music consists of Vivaldi, Queen and Green Day, and he's "consumed by martial arts and magic", according to his website.

This guy's hobby is definitely skinning hobos and raping things.

K Erwin

Wow, impressive hair! Do you think he was the inspiration for Nathan Petrelli's (Adrian Pasdar) look on Heroes?


Jane Wiedlin

Forget about his card. Look at his cheapass pictures on the mantle behind him. They're crap.

Jane Wiedlin

I meant picture FRAMES.


To the video d-bag:
You put one little paragraph about your results on that cheap ass little $4 thing and think that's great? Bitch, PLEASE!

MY business card is my ENTIRE PORTFOLIO laser etched into 2mm thick 24k gold 5x10" sheets with a holographic watermark of my face. It's 52 pages long (53 when I complete this current job) and cost me $12,394 EACH!

I laugh at your popup card. Which will probably not hold up well once my "card" is placed on top of the pile, but if you're VERY VERY lucky, he might decided to use it as a bookmark while reading about how much better than you I am.


I want to see what kind of pick up lines this guy uses.


This card doesn't belong in a rolodex. It belongs in the garbage.


I'm inspired, I'm intimidated, I'm in awe. Whatever he's selling, I'm buying.


Wow what a douche.


This is ripe for a parody video. Please.


I think he wants to sleep with his card. And I would have no problem throwing it out. Except...wait...it would make a pretty good bookmark.


I'd like to go bowling with this man. You can tell a lot about a man by his bowling shoes.


My business card is etched in to my rings and then punched in to peoples foreheads. That's how you sell SEVEN HOMES in 2008 bitch! I also have a pretty successful little shell-jewelry making home business. That info's on my left hand rings, though, so it's still getting there.


Who would win in a intensity-about-stupid-things contest. That guy or Billy Mays?

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