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April 01, 2009

Best Juxtaposition of the Day (So Far)

From the New York Times front page:

Picture 1

But wait, if you widen out a little:

Picture 3
Is that a goat I see before me? Mmmm.


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Love it! And hey, weren't you collecting money for orphans OR goats?

Heifer International, spotlighted above, (unlike you), refuses to separate the two causes:


If you don't want to read, here's the gist (the VIP words are in CAPS):

"Her knowledge of GOAT husbandry and her skill in caring for the GOATS is impressive. After many years of living in the shadows of her surroundings, Aneta has become an asset to the ORPHANAGE - and feels needed once again."

Full circle! What do I get?


I had a bunch of those from the L.A. Times, I'll try to find a couple and post them.

Anyone else have any?


He is planning on eating the goat, right? I mean, he is a chef. I still don't understand what the charity has to do with goats.


Widen the shot out even more, there is a coupon for goat Jell-O.


Michael, did you actually read the article? I present the last paragraph without comment:

"More recently, in an effort at romantic overture, I...ate them with my boyfriend amid candlelight and fresh flowers. Did the goat yield the desired end? Let a veil of decorous restraint fall over the proceedings forthwith, the better to mask a small storm of bleats and four cloven hooves, gently twitching."

Daniel Dickey

Oh Michael you know how to make my panties twist.



That damn New York Times really gets my goat sometimes.


Yes, I will have the goat please, with a side of toe-less leather boot and the 96' plastic container of port-wine cheese.

I've got a pretty good ant post on my blog while we are on the subject of tantalizing creatures.



Those baby goats can easily be stuffed into a large crock pot for an effortless,delicious meal.

Has Jello ever been UNfashionable? I guess I missed the boat on that one.


I'm waiting for Alton to tell us about the origins of butchery (maybe the Muslim custom of looking the animal in the eye), right before he slits that guy's throat


Is it any coincidence that the acronym G.O.A.T. stands for 'Greatest Of All Time'?

Martin D. Fallswell, of Fallswell, Fallswell, and Bink

I think they're saying, donate all your goats to charitable yuppies. Hear hear, NY Times, that's showin' who you're there for!

I just wish I could read Heifer Intl's advert, there. "Pass month on the gift" -- that does not compute.

"Pass on the gift month this April"? Ok, I'll pass....

So what was that about fashionable jello t-squares, there? Perplexing, yet oddly intriguing.

...but is that an April fool's page? Hahh, you got me, NYT....

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