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April 08, 2009

As If I Didn't Have Enough To Do - Now I Have To Compare Myself To Picasso

Between writing my stupid television show, writing my stupid blog, and raising my stupid family, now I've got another chore: contributing yet more words to yet another blog. Yes, the official "Michael & Michael Have Issues" blog is now up and active. There's not much up there yet, but we wanted to give fans a behind the scenes view of our show months before the actual premiere in July. It's like a band giving loyal listeners hidden tracks or something. Or like a chef who takes the leftovers out of the trash and makes something delicious. I don't know what it's like, but that's what we're doing. So like I said, that's yet another thing to do during my day. Honestly where I find the time to also do Twitter and watch the BBC show MI-5 on Netflix is beyond me. This is where having a really good meth connection would be so great: the less sleep I require, the more hilarity I could create. That's how Picasso did it. Not so much with the creating hilarity part, although Guernica, when viewed at a certain angle is pretty funny - and not so much with the meth part because I don't think they had meth when Picasso was around - and I don't know how much sleep he required - so the comparison might not be as apt as I first thought. My main point was really just to compare myself favorably to Picasso, whether it was an accurate comparison or not. Because he was a stud. So yeah, I'm mildly exhausted and a little bit upset because after swearing to not finish the bag of pretzel sticks I went ahead and finished the bag of pretzel sticks. Something Picasso never would have done. At least not without painting them first.


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Michael, you rock! Keep up with all the "stupid" things you do!

carene marino

labeled "large picasso"


In the picture linked above, Picasso is sporting one turgid Charles Bronson sized groin hammer.

The Naked Redhead

You eat a lot of carbs...pretzels, Wheat Thins, etc. Not that I am saying that's a bad thing. I have found, however, that a strict diet of coffee, alcohol and extra strength Excedrin is enough to get me through any day. Just FYI!!


What is it you twittered - you like cute GIRLS profiles? Your well endowed Picasso friend here, he had a 17 year old GIRL for one of his many mistresses. GIRL, not woman or lady. GIRL. Everyone knows the word "girl" constitutes a school aged person - teenaged or younger, yes?

As the mother OF a teenaged GIRL, I've just managed to thoroughy gross myself out. However, one can fully draw (Draw!) the comparison now and really, that is what is important. All this without citing your similar art skills and/or maybe even penis sizes!


You, my friend, are clearly overworked and need some sort of break. No cute smartass remarks, no trying to impress you. Go unwind.


If you were a painter, I think you'd make a good Picasso. If he was still alive and a comedian, though, I think he'd suck.


Being a fan of you is getting really tiring! I'm only skimming things from now on!

Martin D. Fallswell, of Fallswell, Fallswell, and Bink

Sung to some random tune:

cargo pants c-c-c-c-cargo pants

cargo c-c-c-car go pants

(Dear visitor, this is related. Thank you humbly for your attention. One other visitor, signing off)


"Camille's Favorites" on our computer is starting to look a bit obsessive. Thanks!


FYI--I just bookmarked www.michaelianblack.com for the first time. It's currently at the bottom of my bookmark list, but hey, it's a start. A couple more cool blog entries like this and I might promote you above Richard Hatch's "Ultimate Tax Guide 2009" blog. ;)


NOOOOO! Picasso sucks. You don't suck. Does not compute.


Whatever you do, don't give the job to Slowfoot Sho. I've been out of it for weeks, and he still hasn't updated his site. Slacker.

Now that I say this, I say DO give him the job. Then poke him in the butt when he doesn't do it. Maybe he'll get better at doing it, that stinker. And you, you get a nap already. And eat some lasagna. And punch a dog. That's my best advice :)

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