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March 10, 2009

Today I Broke the Internet

Any hugs I get today, I earned.

From Edible Apple:

Apple rejects latest version of popular Twitter client from App Store, and here’s why

Tue, Mar 10, 2009


Tweetie is a full-featured and popular Twitter client for the iPhone, and Apple recently rejected the latest version of the application because one of the top Twitter trends at the time Apple reviewed the update contained a swear word.  Specifically, the offensive and trending topic in question was “#FuckItList.”

Following ‘trends’ via Tweetie is hardly a new feature in the program, and there are a number of other Twitter clients currently available that also had the same offensive topic on their trendlists.  This is clearly an obvious mistake on Apple’s part, and hopefully they’ll rectify it soon and allow Tweetie version 1.3 into the App Store.

Now its common for people to jump out of their seats anytime Apple rejects a program from the app store, and even more so in cases like this where the rejection is so obviously rooted in a misunderstanding.   The App Store is still relatively young and Apple is still working on getting some of the kinks out, but in a case as obviously transparent as this, Apple will hopefully fix it sooner than later.

What the hell is the “FuckItList”?

Now you might be wondering what in the world is a “FuckItList”, and how in the hell did it manage to become one of the top trending topics on Twitter.  Well, as luck would have it, we happen to be big fans of the comedian who started it, Michael Ian Black.  Michael Ian Black, for those who haven’t had the pleasure, was a cast member on the hilarious early 90’s MTV sketch comedy show The State, and went on to star in the cult comedy film “Wet Hot American Summer”, and the short-lived Comedy Central series “Stella”. But most people probably recognize him best as the sarcastic talking head from VH1’s “I Love the 80’s”.  And the (70’s, 90’s, and millennium versions as well).

Anyways, on Twitter today, Michael Ian Black tweeted that he was creating a list of all the things he doesn’t need to do before he dies.  An anti bucket list of sorts that he aptly titled the FuckItList.  Some of the initial items on the FuckItList included touring Europe’s great cathedrals, learning about birds, and attending a MLB baseball game in every stadium.  Ian Black proceeded to ask his 71,000 followers to come up with their own FuckItLists, and they apparently responded en masse, causing the term “#FuckItList” to rise to the top on Twitter Trends.


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Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing]

You should make a different 'hashtag of the day' on Twitter just to see how you can shape the trends of the internet. Then, you can start shaping the minds of all the young emos of the world. Then, it's on to the young toddler emos.


Awesome! I've always wanted to break the internet... And being linked in that article just could help you win LeWar!

Madam Meow

With this epic feat of breaking the internet...I know pronounce you as god. Long live #fuckitlist!


Well, that doesn't surprise me because just the other day Apple decided they weren't going to offer downloads of SouthPark to their I-phone for being offensive !?!


you're breaking all sorts of ground with twitter...

Nickel Jean

It doesn't get much better than this, does it?


I like that the first image above is called "twitterfuck". I like it. Me likey alot-y.


Mike, you are my hero.

Next up: breaking the cell phone network.



Similar to the David Sedaris "Fuck It" bucket...


Now I'm going to HAVE to join this damn Twitter thing, just to see the havoc wreaked.

I don't know, are congratulations in order for this kind of thing?

sara libbey

Thank God for MIB and his Fuckitlist.. without him and it I would be stuck doing all those time wasting things while getting closer to my death everyday! Thank you Michael!


Lordy. Someone's Twitter-addicted. And destructively so apparently! Congratulations on fucking shit up. You should fucking start a riot.


You are brilliant and all-powerful.


OK MIB - how do I get @fuckitlist to follow @jewelsann? A question for the ages. I have lots of things for the @fuckitlist. :)


I came up with "The Fuck-it List" a long time ago when the movie "The Bucket List" came out. Except my Fuck-it List is a list of all the things I would like to fuck before I die. For example, a Heath Bar...a jar of peanut butter...a bowl of Jell-O maybe...or maybe even a Starfish or a Squid. Maybe I'll even try fucking a tennis ball or two. We'll see. I bet I can fuck a lot of stuff if I try hard enough and commit myself to it. It won't be easy though. Now, I know some people may think that fucking inanimate objects and deep sea creatures is weird. Well, they're right. It is. It is very weird actually. But, hey, at least I'm being creative and creating my own niche. Plus, when I die, people can say, "Hey, that guy fucked a lot of stuff while he was alive. Wow!" Maybe I'll even film it and turn it into a movie. "The Fuck-it List" starring Jack Dickolson and Morgan Freeball. (I will be playing both characters.) Wouldn't that be something?


I'm with Jaime. I think Twitter is becoming quite the soul-consumer 'round these parts. Whatever happened to good ol' posts about child abuse and rape jokes? You know, the funny stuff.


I knew I liked you, but after yesterday, I LOVE you.
You are a genius, and my fave to follow on Twitter... even better than Ashton.*

*note: tongue in cheek.

Less Lee Moore

How DARE they omit "Viva Variety" from your resume?


And Ed. How dare they omit Ed?!


"Ian Black proceeded to ask his 71,000 followers.."

Suddenly you're "Ian". The author drops the Michael part like it was yesterdays news. "Eh, too common."

Also disturbing: asking your "71,000 followers..." Now, 71,0000 is damned impressive and well deserved. You are hilarious, and the more the people see that the more the people will give you money so you can buy more of the stuff. All good. It's the word: followers.

I realize that's a twitter term. Still, for me, it conjures up not so innocent images. That's right. I'm talking about you taking advantage of your adoring twitter "followers" via *seemingly benign* tweets to further your evil agenda.

It could be the 'shrooms, but I don't think so, Man. Not this time.


This is nuckin' futs!


Next thing I know, you'll be doing Dancing With the Stars.
I'm glad you are a big hit with such a large bunch of Twits but gosh, it sure isn't as much fun to check in around here lately.

Cindy Green

Hey, have you guys seen these State books on ebay? They're a little rich for my blood, but maybe someone else out there can afford it.




HEY! How can you be on twitter? Aren't you afraid of stalkers?!? my heavens! I just found this out by stalking Rainn!

Make sure to keep me in the loop from now on.

All the best.

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