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March 06, 2009

Read My Thoughts On Barbie In, Of Course, Forbes Magazine

You can read the full article here. Why you would want to read anybody else's quotes is beyond me, but they are available.

Michael Ian Black

Michael Ian Black

One, I found their outfits very difficult to take on and off. The snaps weren't snappy enough, and I had a great deal of difficulty fitting their arms through the psychedelic pantsuits. Keep in mind I was only dressing and undressing Barbies at my sister's request. I preferred manly toys like the Bionic Man, who had a much more limited wardrobe. When I undressed them, like all children, I studied their nether regions intently. There was never anything there, either on Barbie or the Bionic Man. Because of this I was very concerned about the changes puberty would bring.

Michael Ian Black is a comedian. His first children's book, Chicken Cheeks, was published in January 2009.

--Anna Vander Broek


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With the quote indented, the right side of the text is cut off a bit.


There's nothing worse than unsnappy snaps.


So true about the snaps.


I like how there are only 3 men commenting on Barbie and you're one of them. lol.


Over time Barbie received ingrained flowered panties.

I had a naughty friend, Carol, she figured out she could break Barbies legs just enough so they spread easily and when she "walked" (more like "bounced" while Carol held her) she looked like she had a load in her pants, but Carol did this primarily so she could make Barbie a spread-eagled slut with Ken The Eunich. Guess what else Carol did? She used to put red nail polish on Barbies crotch when Barbie had her "lady time".

Carol lives in Florida now with all the other strippers.

You're a sweet brother.


I think you were robbed of the "Glamazon" title. Everyone knows you're funny but most aren't aware of your cutting edge fashion sense.

Martin D. Fallswell, of Fallswell, Fallswell, and Bink

All hail the kings of Oprah Starbucks Inc. I want my girl to want a Barbie when she grows up. Hello and welcome to Walleye-mart.

Going to have to purge, after that one. All in good cheer.


I get a lesson in flags of the world(Feedjit) every time I log onto here. Who needs community college?LOL

Mike Gibbons

Wait, I'm confused. On the main page they list you as a "Funny Man", but then in your little mini-bio at the end of your piece they refer to you as a "comedian". Shouldn't they have written 'Michael Ian Black is a Funny Man'? I mean, just to keep all their ducks in a row?


Holy fucking shit.

I just read that at storytime (where I do not say things like 'holy fucking shit'). I just searched for reviews on it, and BAM, there you are.

I won't ask why you write about butts...I'll just say thanks. It went over smashingly.

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