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March 18, 2009

One of My Favorite Interviews I've Ever Done

Hosted by the very charming Martin Gould Cummings.

This is the section from my "Hair" review that he initially took offense to: It’s a lot more dude parts than lady parts, which I suppose is a wise decision when you consider who is attending most Broadway shows: old women, 'tween girls, gay men, and at least one transvestite who was there last night and making an annoying show of being all transvestited out. (Note to aforementioned transvestite: it’s not necessary to dress like Kim Cattrall for us get the idea. We get it.)


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Daniel Dickey

WTF? I've been trying to interview you for like 6 months. Do I have to name all the reasons why it would be much better to conduct a interview with me?

- I know sign language.
- Cats?
- Cheese, anyone?
- Exactly

Let me fondle you with my camera crew. And don't forget the letter that was addressed to you with love.

A letter to Michael Ian Black


Not Clayton


I love this. He was all dissing on you before you met. Then when he was there in person, he was as giddy as a 12 year old girl to talk to you.


Great interview that touched on some intriguing subject matter. It could have gone south, but instead was light and breezy. Kudos.

Martin is a terrific sport, I like him. That guy could win anyone over and I suspect he did just that, with you. And you won him over too with your fuzzy, scruffy self.

You both came across as relaxed and friendly. This is so important, especially for you, to master. Most people are scared shitless of your gargantuan brain.


would you make fun of me so I can get upset so I can hang out with you for an hour?
what if I had kid cancer?


Dude, you looked sexy with your raccoon eyes and Puerto Rican moustache! Martin was pretty prickly in his pre-interview, but clearly he developed a crush upon meeting you;-). I loved his nervous little giggle when you said you'd never kissed a guy before. I'm always surprised at how serious and sincere you are in your interviews. I don't know why...

Belgian Whore

Op, now you're going to have to do an interview with Puerto Rico.

Martin Gould Cummings

michael you are soooo sweet!!! thank you again for doing this interview and you are totally a good sport and a great role model for people!

Martin Gould Cummings

thank you michael! you are an amazing sport and a great role model for everyone!!!


Hahaha...more weird, fucked-up shit goes down on this blog than on the non-porn majority of the Internet(s). Gotta love it, minus the Twitter empowerment, of course.

Just be wary of the fan that uses this as precedence to force you into an awkward interview, and tries to hold said interview in a white windowless van.

Dark Side Steve

Goddammit, Reptar, my van does have windows. They're just heavily tinted.


i feel reassured that you are not in fact 'oldish'


Great video, Marti!

Michael, you seem more fun and personable here than you did in VH1's I Love the 80s series. I like this version of you.

P.S. Because of this video, I'm following you on Twitter now.

Kyle "your worst nightmare" C.

You look like a scrawny nick lachey in this video. i dont know if that's a compliment or not. my condolences.


Man, that look on your face when you first popped up was priceless.


I love your face when you first pop up, at like 1:04. you look so confused and adorable! like a teddy bear. I just wanted to hug you! you also looked creeped the fuck out, lol. I follow you on twitter too. You and DOB (Daniel O'Brian from Cracked).


"International Comedian."

Angie Hoover

That is definitely my mother's best friend, Linda from San Francisco who made jewelery and muffins out of hemp.


Michael that was the most honest and real I've ever seen you (and a little flirty?). What a fantastic interview!


Adorable. =)

amanda f.

you are the most attractive man in the history of the world. period. stupid wives..and impossible circumstance.


I agree with Jillian. Very nice.


I want to make out with you.

Ashley Fish

Oh god... I am so excited for your show. You have no idea.

You did great in this interview! Seriously. And you looked great. You pull the mustache off really well. :D

Honestly, you're great.


This was really funny and sweet:)

ugg on sale

Don't worry, Jim. Have never seen a 'Red Rocket' or 'Dynamite' yet without a little white. They're like that all over my neighborhood.

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