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March 11, 2009

New York Magazine Picks Up on the Fuckit List.

What’s on Your Fuckit List?

3/11/09 at 3:30 PM

What’s on Your Fuckit List?

Photo: Getty Images

The unemployment rate is starting to creep into the double digits. Animals are revolting against us. No one seems to have any idea what is going to happen with the economy. What can we, the citizens, do about these things? Eh, nothing, really. The sense of empowerment we felt back in November has been basically crushed by recent events, and all we can do is embrace the apathy. But all is not lost! Comedian Michael Ian Black has made this actually fun with his Fuckitlist, which the Twitterati are currently going nuts over. Basically, a Fuckit list is the opposite of a Bucket List: a list of things you don't care about doing before you die instead of things you do want to do. (Black's include seeing the reunited Phish, learning about birds, and watching the sunrise. Daily Intel Jessica's are making a sex tape that gets leaked to the Internet, watching Two and a Half Men, and becoming a member of the Red Hat Society. Intel Chris's are watching The English Patient, dancing like nobody's watching, and finding out what a vagina tastes like.) What's on yours?

Fuckitlist [Twitter]
Michael Ian Black [Twitter]


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Um, you've NEVER seen a sunrise? (Absurd)

I mean..that's a little weird isn't it? (Fucking Vampire.)


You look pleased and joyful in that picture, like someone who is about to receive one of them there earmarks.


I don't understand. Wouldn't a 'fuckitlist' be a list of things you should do before you go bankrupt or the country burns down or something? It should a list of things you do when you don't give a fuck anymore. The type of things people leave on your 'fuckitlist' are really more like 'dumbshitlist' things. As in, "Do you want to go see Guy n' Dolls?" "No, that's some dumb shit."

Stacey E

Clearly, top on the list is watching the Super Bowl, or listening to guys talk about the Super Bowl. Or listening to guys talk about sports, in general. God, it's as tedious as talking about work. I think people don't realize that every once in a while they can actually stop making noises with their mouths.
Oh yeah, having children. Not interested.
Watching Nascar. Being around Nascar enthusiasts.
Sleeping with losers.

Martin D. Fallswell, of Fallswell, Fallswell, and Bink

How did they know we was going nuts? Was the sawdust pie in their editorial inbox too much?

Congratulations, for real. It sounds like it's some deserved fame, and another good mark for the cause of humor.

Don't let me rob anyone of their angst though, I ain't here to steal that kind of thunder, for sure.....

Top thing on my #fuckitlist: Writing a fuckitlist

(Someone had to say it. It was my humanitarian obligation, to be that guy)

Cheers & sht


Don't want to see the reunited phish?

Apparently you have not eaten enough goo balls, ecstasy, acid and grilled cheese sandwiches, that were hand crafted in a bright orange vw vanagon.

I say for shame.

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