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February 07, 2009

This Has A 110,000 Views

And some very unkind comments. I can certainly see how somebody would watch this and go (as many people did) WTF? However, I am pleased with it and applaud my own stupidity.


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Now, I thought this video was adorable and quirky! You should consider "WTF?" to be a compliment.


I don't really understand why it was WTF? I'm kinda used to seeing you in the chicken suit now, so maybe that's why.

And I don't care if it took you like an hour to write it. I'm curious to know if you wrote down a list of words that mean "butt" first, then matched it up with an animal. That seems too hard for me. But I'm also legally retarded.

Reen is not from Ohio

OMG a tracker! Look at THAT tracking everyones move! Fancy AND creepy! Fantastic.

Hmmm, I wonder which state I am, I just "arrived" so where is Illinois? Illinois isn't showing up. Just like our Governor didn't on his impeachment hearings. Ohio "arrived". Maybe I'm Ohio. Talk about a WTF.

Ok back to your video here.

I'm going to tell you something my Mom always said when people said unkind things to me: "Honey, they're jealous!". And boy oh boy, does that apply here too.

Ha. They only WISH they coud write a unique and adorable childrens book in less than an hour. They only DREAM of making a chicken suit look so good.

Da Nile aint just a river in Egypt and Envy aint just a perfume (is it?)!


I was viewer 110,666. Sweet!


I loved when you took a drink of water. Good stuff. I thought this was cute and weird.


Um, now the ending is ruined ;_; and yes those are real tears.


I come up United States. So mysterious and non-commital.


I thought this was freakin' adorable! I love the pleased expression on your face.


I echo Asian07boi's succinct yet complex musings: "wtf is tis...shit is dumb ass hell...loli;"

Loli indeed Michael. Loli indeed. (What is a loli?)


I resent being tarnished as 'London.'Is that the only place in England that any tracker devices know??

I surmise that there are people out there that are specifically employed to comment with 'WTF?' on each and every internet video clip. That's equality for you.


You are amazing, sir.


I just checked back to see this tracker deal. Kinda creepy. Like that chicken suit.


I just figured out these tracker references. I don't like it. Me no like tracker. It creeps me out. Nope. I object.




The reading was masterful..the content..exquisite..move over Dr.Seuss and his caboose ..wtf !!!!you're pure genious


I don't know if it'll be enjoyable now to read the book without you in a chicken suit. You have outdone us all.


The company I work for makes the chicken costume you're wearing in this. Amazing.


I will be reading this to my nephew as soon as he can talk. I think it very important for children to have a full knowledge of the many terms for 'butt'. Too many kids these days are using highly uninventive words to describe their anatomy and this book will be a guiding light to a promising tomorrow. Truly inspirational.

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