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February 05, 2009

The Most Intelligent Article About Our Dumb Show That Has Ever Been Written, And Which Will Ever Be Written

Whether or not I agree with the points in this article is irrelevant. The fact is, I didn’t understand most of them, anyway. More important is that somebody took the time to write this at all, which is immensely pleasing to me and the other Stella guys. We’re very proud of Stella and wish the audience had embraced it more. The fact that they didn’t is a bummer, but on the other hand it was really hard to make and we probably would have killed each other if we’d had to do too many more episodes. Maybe it’s best that there are just the ten of them forever suspended in comedic amber. You can read what I’m talking about here.

(A typographical note: I did not italicize Stella the group, but did italicize Stella the TV show, lest anybody think I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing with italics. I do, and I resent the implication.)


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first. omg. i just pooped.


What's Stella?


What's Stella?


What's Stella?


From the article:

"Ever since, the ambitious re-purposing of the most prosaic, ill-regarded, or even out and out disreputable aspects of culture has proved a persistently tantalizing proposition for serious artists of every stripe. From Warhol’s uncondescending mimicry of Madison Avenue to Bob Dylan’s unironic embrace of mainstream Nashville in the early 70s, vanguard artists have enjoyed projecting their own idiosyncratic visions into highly formalized commercial idioms."

Is this the way New York folk talk, or is the use of big, shiny words where the world of writing is headed? Regardless, a nice piece. I feel I have to watch some Stella now.


Chill, stephanie. Chill the F out.


It's great to finally see a review written by someone who knows what they are talking about. Someone who "gets it", you know? You know. FINALLY.


I didn't know Merriam-Webster review TV shows now.


my roommates and i all watch and quote stella constantly.

just yesterday i showed my friend my amazing ability to appear as if i was from new south whales.


I read this on Shos or Davids blog already, not going to lie. It's a splendid (and creatively anal) tribute to a truly unique and hilarious show. I miss it still.

By the by Michael, no one can see your "I'm #1" blog because the link is broken. I inform you of this lest you think we all were just letting those green monsters get the best of us and refusing to comment out of good old fashioned bitchy-ass spite.

Enjoy your evening. I'm off to watch Hells Kitchen" where I "scream along with Gordon".


sorry about the multiple comments. i must be an idiot for clicking the button multiple times.

Troll Savant

Brooooklyyyynnnn! I know a good Tim Fite from there, hey hehehhey

the multi click thing is inevitables, stephmeiester. The button screams "CLICK ME!" and mouse responds, "SHUT UP!", it's a part of the circle of life.

I'm curious as for what network Stella is (*cough* um ... was?) hosted on -- but hey, I'm a just a troll. I live under bridges, that's my thing. GRRRR!


Finally someone wrote down what I've always thought but always had trouble explaining! Just kidding, I'm not nearly as smart as the authors and never ever saw an episode of Diff'rent Strokes.


This makes me wish I had discovered you guys before the show was released--but I'm also really glad I found you when the show first came out.

You guys should be proud. I've never been able to find somebody that does Hi and Low-Brow so well. I miss you guys.

Martin D. Fallswell, on the behalf of the belated Troll Savant

Dear Captain Awesome,

While taking a break from under the bridge today, the Troll Savant was reported to have discovered that Stella, season numero uno, is available via Amazon video-on-demand. He then lost his head. Literally. A passing semi-rig, it was a brutal sight.... green fur and ham everywhere, terrible. But the sun was out, so that was cheerful.

I, Martin D. Fallswell, his duly appointed lawyer, was instructed by T. Savant's cousin from across the tracks to deliver to you his last words: Unghpmph.

That said, it looks like Stella via video-on-demand will make for quite something to watch, over a beer and some game hunting. Cheery-ho, as they say in the south.


Firstly, I'd like to mention that I just pooped a little bit ago. Secondly, that poop was significantly more rewarding than this article, which admittedly, I didn't come close to finishing.

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An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

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