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February 09, 2009

My Fantasy Video Game

I was in Williamsburg, VA the other night enjoying a curried chicken salad when I noticed a racing event being shown on the bar’s televisions. Like most people I know, I do not pay any attention to auto racing because it’s really boring to watch. And because, let’s be honest, not enough people die. But it occurred to me while watching this particular race that I bet participating in NASCAR is really fun. Like, super fun. Which made me think that there should be a video game out there where you build yourself a NASCAR career, starting at the bottom wherever those people start doing what they do – racing go-carts or something? Racing wheelchairs at old age homes? I don’t know how they start, but in my game you have to start there. At the bottom. You have to win at every level, gradually working your way up until, eventually, you ride with the best. And then you’ve got all the other stuff that goes along with it – getting sponsorship, getting a car, yelling at people, doing stuff. (I obviously have no idea what they do because my examples are “yelling at people” and “doing stuff.”.) But that’s the kind of game I would enjoy. Full immersion in the NASCAR lifestyle including having sex with bleach blonde NASCAR groupies. Does that game already exist? And if it does, please don’t send it to me because I have enough addictions already in my life. By the way, the curried chicken salad was very good.


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I love chicken salad, never tried curried chicken salad but it sounds yummy. Curry is that yellow stuff that stains ones skirt if one should happen to dribble it on ones lap, right?

I think you should consider creating video games yourself for production. You have that kind of brain - you could make it dangerous, exciting, sexy, and hilarious all at the same time. Plus imagine the dough! And the chicks! And the pills (for sleeping)!


I'm so glad you came full circle with the chicken salad critique. I would have been wondering all day if you enjoyed it.
Hey,aren't you happy with the groupies you already have?
Your game idea could be applied to life,no? Michael's Game of Life-Nascar Edition. (Okay, I'll go sit down now)


I must interject: this blog is mega-popular. Less than a hit a minute.

I started watching the tracker live until I forgot to blink and got tunnel vision and everything got blurry and suddenly I "awoke" and realized it's time to get back to work! (Or to friending old classmates on facebook).


Gran Turismo is fairly similar to your game, Michael. It's extremely popular so you probably could have been even more rich and famous had you thought of this idea a few years earlier.


Wow, that video game sounds like a metaphor for life. Not a cool person's life, but somebody's. Like, maybe your weird Uncle Carl's life, the one that no one wants to sit next to at Thanksgiving. Yeah, that game sounds just like crazy old Uncle Carl.


I just like coming here to watch myself 'arrive' on you tracker. I so rarely 'arrive' anywhere.

You should watch Formula One racing, they have corners that turn in different directions.


I think you have a gambling problem, which goes perfectly with drinking if your still aspiring to be an alcoholic!


I don't know a thing about NASCAR, but a video game about "yelling at people" and "doing stuff" would hold my interest, as those are things I enjoy.


First of all--excellent idea.

Second of all--Williamsburg, VA is one of my favorite places ever, ever!!!!! <3

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