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February 05, 2009

I'm #1!

Those of you following my publishing career know how desperate I am to make #1 on any Amazon.com list, even going so far as to challenge Tucker Max to a fistfight. Until this point, and despite my best efforts, I have failed at this endeavor. My Custom Van, while brilliant, never got above #2 in the humor category on Amazon.com. But now I can say without reservation that I am number 1! Where? On the prestigious Amazon.com Children's Books>Basic Concepts>Size & Shape>Fiction category. Yes, you have to reach down four sub-categories before I make the top of the list, but #1 is still #1, baby, and my new book Chicken Cheeks is unequivocally #1! Here's proof:

Picture 1

Never mind that the book is ranked 4,226 overall. That part doesn't matter. What matters is that I am #1 on a list, any list! I'd like to know what book is #1 in the Children's Books>Basic Concepts>Size & Shape>Non-Fiction category. Possibly the new David McCullough. Regardless, this feels like a real victory. I'm #1, fuckers.


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Congrats, Michael! This is a true victory for you and all of your fans.

Lou D

Yeah, fuckers, Mike is #1!!! Suck on THAT!!


You've always been #1 in my book. (Awwwwww)

But seriously, I'm glad Amazon (very prestigious) has finally recognized your book writing achievements.




YAY!! Congrats, Michael! :)


I didn't know it was about shapes? Nonetheless, congratulations Mr. Black!

I still can't wait for your new show, good luck with it. You and Demetri Martin are my favorite comedians so...this is going to be a good year in television (comedy central, more specifically).


(Oh! It's there. I'm a dork. Sorry)

Congratulations on your number 1 status!

You're the king of the world!!!! Go drop some acid!



YEAH! take that, Tucker Max!



If I ever have a kid Chicken Cheeks will be the first book I read to him. The second will be My Custom Van.


CONGRATS, MICHAEL! You are a winner.


Awwww yay for you. Amazon still sucks though. BUT YAY FOR YOU.


Wow, #1. Definitely good for you. And good job to your 7 family members who made the purchase on Amazon, ranking you up to that prestigious #1 spot 4 sub-categories deep.

Heck YEA!


Wow. Where do you go from here? You have the top spot, and now you'll always have to live up to it. Oh, the pressure!

Just as an aside, and not to be ungrateful or anything, but your Twitter, (or at least whoever is twittering for you? I don't know if it's actually you); Mike Show twitters about snow, and coffee-drinking, and pants, and you post links to this blog. Which is great, but snow and coffee-drinking and pants really embraces what Twitter is all about...

Just sayin.'


Oh, Michael, congratu-fuckin-lations!!!!


Congratulations! Now you can stomp on all of us little insignificant fuckers that have never reached the #1 position, but please don't.


You suck and so does your book!

LOL-just KIDDING! Congrats......



You'll always be higher than 4,226 in my heart, MIB.

Sadly, Number One in my heart is the softly luminescent Cate Blanchette from "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button".


Lookee there -- Ambrose's sensitive side! I LIKE it!

Congratulations Michael!

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