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February 07, 2009

Here's Michael Showalter's Very Funny NY Times Commercial Parody

An all-star cast featuring some of my favorite people and some people I do not care for at all.


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Watching this video is like rolling on Ecstasy.



Reen wouldn't mind a trip to Ohio, though

I'm fascinated by the tracker...

Ok, anyway...I saw this video on Sho or Wains blog, not going to lie. (Repeat of what I wrote before about something else you were "slow on the draw" over. I AM joking, in fact I'm "pulling your porter"! (Which equals joking here in Illinois, even though I was first to make it up and make it super popular).

Really enjoyed this video. I know not of what Sho is making fun of since we rarely get ads for NY papers out here in Illinois (not to be confused with Ohio) it's plenty humorous even without a backstory.

So you and your lady get down on the Sports section? My husband and I go for the Arts and Entertainment section...more absorbent. (OH NO SHE DINT!)

Colin R

i just almost spewed tea all over my computer at the "pictures of goats section". this is wonderful!

laurie Boris

I almost spewed tea all over my newspaper...this is seriously funny...and a spot that's been begging to be parodied.

Ethereal Zoe

We do get that NY Times commercial down in these parts. Which according to the tracker (Go you!) is West Columbia, South Carolina. Close enough.

In any case, complete brillance from Sho. I love that you guys have that whole troupe thing going ala Christopher Guest. I also love that I got to look at Jon Benjamin's eyes more closely because they look like Jon Stewart's eyes to me. A lot.

I did not love that there was no David Cross. He should fix that. Thankee!


Are you posting these just to torture my backwoods ass?


This captures EXACTLY why I no longer read any paper besides our weekly local. And even that is iffy, given it has a whole page dedicated to news from "25 years ago" and "50 years ago".
But y'all forgot the "Goats in Socks" page dedicated to Dr. Seuss


Wow...this is the best thing ever. I've never seen the original commercial of whatever this is parodying, but it's still awesome. Also, it looks like you guys had a pretty high budget. It looked like it could be a real commercial if you took out all of the famous people and ridiculous sections etc.


Whoa! Was that H. Jon Benjamin?! I love that fool! Home Movies is my favorite cartoon not for kids. Endearing yet hilarious. He's so cartoony, not enough live people stuff. My nerd love just peed itself, with all my favorite people in one video. . . . So happy :) (there should have definitely been more you though :)


Newspapers as sex aids is new to me. Must be an American thing...


So who do you not care for? Spill it! Is it Sho??? Are you tired of cat hair and his constant napping?


Tee, it's not American per se', it's just kinky. It is also a sure-fire (and cheap) way to get a surprise butt tatoo. Will it be Anne Coulters face this time on my chicken cheek? Fingers crossed.

Yeah...speaking of tats...(Come on Michael, how about a picture? You know you want to...)

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