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February 24, 2009

Best Week Ever Totally Sides With Me In LeWar!

You might think that Vh1 would automatically take my side in any intergalactic conflict for the simple reason that I am their bitch. You would be right to think that. Ch-ch-ch-check it out. (FYI "Intergalactic" and "Ch-ch-ch-check it out" were Beastie Boys references.)

On the other hand, WorldofWonder.net says, "Isn't collecting the most strangers for no reason other than collecting them already so five minutes ago, even over at MySpace?" As a matter of fact, WoW, no. Collecting strangers for no reason is so TEN minutes ago, but everybody knows that trends evolve so fast in today's post-modernist uber culture that what was hip ten minutes ago is hip again.

Besides, "collecting strangers" isn't the point of LeWar. The point is blatant, mass stupidity, and by that measure I think we are succeeding admirably, both The Visored One and myself. Not only are we creating entertainment, we - all of us - are creating Twitter's first MMOG! And we're doing it old-school. With text! We are creating a retro entertainment revolution one hundred and forty characters at a time. The stakes are, of course, enormous. Soon, one of us will be declared the winner of LeWWI. But the real winner is you, internet. The real winner... is you.


                                 (Everybody wins in LeWar!)


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Dominic Arenas

Haha, they called you Ian Michael Black, and I corrected them.


*tear* I love you, Capitan. Get your beauty sleep. We'll watch over your (very famous) ass tonight.


Does following you count as community service? Not that I'm under any kind of legal obligation to perform community service, but I'd like to know if it's an option. Just in case.


I need a LeWar shirt....I'm thinking "Team @MichaelIanBlack"


I would like a LeWar shirt also. On the front it could say "Team@MichaelIanBlack" like Andi suggested. And then on the back it could have a picture of Michael Ian Black and LeVar Burton with "LeWWI" between them. Oh man! That would be awesome! Michael, if you are reading this, we need colors for our team. And a flag wouldn't hurt either.



Okay,although I'm not "twittering",feel free to use my SBD powers anytime.

No Longer Laughing

I miss the days of funny blogs that have nothing to do with promoting something or fake real-world fights or contests. Good old days.


No Longer Laughing - in America we let the author of the blogs decide the subject matter. If he wants to Tweet, so bee-it.

No Longer Laughing

Hey Reen - Freedom of Speech applies to me too, okay? If you'd like, we can take sides in our own Twitter war.

Martin D. Fallswell, of Fallswell, Fallswell, and Bink

What is this twitter technology? Is it a Vulcan thing?


Degenerate gamblers are betting on LeWar!

Brings new meeting to putting $50 on "Black"!

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