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January 22, 2009

The State Reunites

I'm in San Francisco for SketchFest, an annual San Francisco fest of all things sketch. For the first time in I don't know how many years, my old sketch comedy troupe, The State, is reuniting to perform an hour of all-new material. The last time we did a stage show of all new material was before we even had our TV show, so we probably haven't done anything like this since 1991 or 1992. That's a long time ago. So long ago that Kurt Cobain hadn't even killed himself yet!!! Rolling Stone Magazine interviewed some of us to commemorate the event. You can read that here,


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Awesome, I love The State!


Everyone was clever, witty and ON. Great read.

Hope you all have a fun time in SF and that there are more State projects in the future. Projects that even those of us who do not dwell in San Fran can enjoy as well. (Dontchya know.)

Have a great time with your pals!


Yay! Funny food!

I was JUST reading this little interview, tipped off by some thoughtful gal to it, and thinkin, there he goes! Because retarded monkeys _are_ hilarious.


Such a fun article. I will be there in the audience laughing and cheering all of you guys on!


Looking forward to catching the show this Saturday! I hope you're enjoying our city so far-- sorry about the rain.

Casey Bowers

San Francisco is so lucky - wish I could be there or that the Midwest had the same artistic appeal.


Good luck and have a great time!


You deleted the other entry. (understandably so) so I will comment again: good luck. have fun. wish i could be there even though i live like, 4 miles away.



really really wish i could be there. if i'm going to be honest about it, i am wishing to the point of agony- but break legs!


Hey man,
We met last night at the Allison/Franken show. I awkwardly said hello during intermission. Anyway, I've got a couple of shows in Sketchfest too. If you're still around on Tuesday, I wrote and directed Emo! the musical which is performing that night at the Eureka.
Anyway, this is obnoxious of me. Break a leg this weekend.

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