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January 13, 2009

Oh Well

I look enough like this guy that it kind of bums me out because I don't want to look like this guy.



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A Fan

So funny.
Scary funny.
Sad funny.


Hahaha! No you DON'T! But I am laughing so hard. I can just see you shaking your little head at this image sadly. It makes me giggle. Should your sad head shake make me giggle so hard? Probably not, but CAN'T HELP IT! Because it is so so silly, it is uncontrollable.

Anyway, didn't you read our, who Michael looks/does not look like contest? Leave it to you to pick someone even weirder than Manson-eyes Corgan. So silly! Oh Michael. Giggle giggle giggle.


Ok. Maybe a wee bit.

But - his nose/cheeks/chin/entire face is like this much beefier version, don't you think? You've got the chisely thing going on with all that fancy Ukrainian bone structure and stuff like that. People want to draw you. People just want to fart with him.


When I opened the page, my immediate reaction was, "Jesus, Michael gained a shit ton of weig --- oh, nevermind"


Gain a lot of weight and drink a bottle of beer and you are this guy...
Moral: Don't gain that much weight, please.


Well, these comments will be Extra terrible if that's like, his brother or something.


Run, fatboy, run!

Ms. Slut

The guy in the picture is your brother, right? I don't think he looks too bad. If he was charming enough and I had enough liquor in me, I'd probably sleep with him.

Jay Osmond

We are all brothers. (and we aren't heavy)

Donny Osmond

Aint. We AINT heavy.


Um...noooo.You do NOT look like him. Maybe the hair color is similar and I doubt you would wear a buttoned pull-over. Would you?


Y'know, we really need to talk about this poor self-image thing...

Rhett Butler

He doesn't need another talk.

He should be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how.


No. You don't.


Not really. His face is chubbier. & you are hot.


Do you look like him or does he look like you?

This is a good running theme with all the chickens. You know: which came first?


I don't really want you to look like him either. Oh well, what can you do? Plastic surgery (don't) or re-arrange his face (do).


Hell to the no, you look nothing like that guy! I mean, you have way more hair, you don't drink beer and he's not wearing a giant wedding ring. ;-)


Michael! I didn't know you drank beer..

Advocate's Devil

Cripes, Black. You know, chubby or not, it's entirely possible that many times that guy has taken a look at your grinnin' mug and said the *exact* *same* *thing*. Just sayin'.


Devil, awww, poor pasty guy. But let's not delude ourselves. Mr. squishee's dialogue would go like this: "I look enough like this guy that it kind of bums him out because he don't want to look like me." Pronouns. Pronouns make the diff.


This may cheer you up....I was watching Clash Of The Titans the other day, and I was shocked (and a little disturbed) at how much you look like Harry Hamlin.


For a fleeting moment, I thought you might have enjoyed the holidays a little too much.


I really expected it to be a picture of Blagojevich. MIB looks JUST LIKE Blagojevich. He would do a great Blagojevich. Have you considered this, Black?

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