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January 13, 2009

Heart-Warming or Creepy?

When you invest in a chicken suit, you've got to put it to use. Otherwise it just ends up like the treadmill. Unused, unloved, and potentially lethal. After you hit the hyperlink, scroll down a little for the video.

Heart-Warming or Creepy?


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The split screen with your little chicken head and that kinda of fakey Dick Van Dyke Tv Dad smile makes me really giggle.

Plus, I like to look at butts.


Probably both, but if I were you, I probably wouldn't care much either way. Unless you started hatching your young now. That would kind of suck, no?


Well great, now I know what happens.


You could always sell it on eBay for a pretty penny.


Mmm, neither. Sexy.


Now that was just adorable! Definitely heart-warming.

Plus, I feel the moral of your delightful children's book is really to show adults that if we could all get our collective asses in gear, we can accomplish a common goal.

Until we get our asses stung by the bee (aka "The Man").


A little of both I might say.


Do you do birthday parties?


>>The split screen with your little chicken head and that kinda of fakey Dick Van Dyke Tv Dad smile makes me really giggle.

here here!

(I'm worried about you Bailey, haha)


I'm kinda disappointed that you didn't read out the 'flamingo fanny' which, incidentally, has been left in for consumption by us Brits.

Hearing you read out a vaginal euphemism would have turned that video from 24 carat to solid gold.

You could cut up the chicken suit and make it into rugs, toupees, and those hideous boots that scantily clad girls insist on wearing to nightclubs.


On its own, possibly creepy, but when combined with xylophone music - heart-warming.


I think I just squeezed out a tear. A tear that may be joined by a few others if you keep posting videos that I can't watch.


What? Why are you worried Jamie? Is it my love for all things fowl (chickens, chicken suits, men in chicken suits, pheasants, etc.)? Or my love for all things foul (books about derrieres)? Or a combination of the two?


"Unused, unloved, and potentially lethal"

some people r like that too.

buy my music dude


haha Bailey, for your love of all things fowul. Dirty bird ;)

Alright -- Sexy it is!


I can't believe you could stretch the 20 or so words in that book to 3 minutes of film!



Nickel Jean

It's a lovely video, although the still shot does look rather creepy. I added a review to the site but it hasn't shown up yet.


LOL! Why can't it be a bit of both?? I loved that. I laughed until I coughed. Then I too drank some water, and then I laughed again. I'm going to go to a Borders just to see if I can find it on the shelves.

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