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January 20, 2009

Favorite Headline of the Day

It’s a great day for America, but my favorite headline from all of the day’s festivities has to be this one I found on CNN.com:

Picture 1

While watching the inauguration, I found myself, like millions of Americans, soaring with pride as our new president was sworn in.  But at the same time, the same nagging thought kept tugging at the back of my mind: it’s all well and good for me, but how are Ashton and Demi reacting? Now I know.

Thanks, CNN.


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So yeah, GObama.


I will rest peacefully this evening, finally. I have been wondering how Demi and Ashton were holding up in the days leading up to the inauguration.

I'm inspired by their inspiration.


I clicked that Ashton/Demi headline to read the inspiring story, but the joke was on me.


Way to tease.

Our entire dept watched over an hour of the inauguration on a huge screen in our conference room. It was so moving we ended up playing "hot potato" with the kleenex box! (True story)

My favorite part so far was Joseph Lowerys: "Black doesn't have to go back. And brown can stick around. Yellow is mellow! Red CAN get ahead. And white will do what's right". (I'm paraphrasing). But that made me giggle. What the heck? Rock ON! Out of nowhere - a Liberal Dr. Seuss!!

Anyway, have a great show tonight, cutie.




I know I must seem terribly removed but...who are Demi and Ashton?


oh pifflerot! I completely forgot to watch because I was busy taking pics of our tree that has a va-jay-jay. :/
Ask Renee....it's true.

Ashton/Demi are the most inspiring May/December couple known to mankind.

Lisa Johnston

I found that whole thing offensive. The older than dirt "pastor". If you continue his tirade, it may say the black will smoke less crack while riding a yak...come on...the white will do what's right..seriously? I thought this was supposed to be a celebration of a "new day" yeah right!


Brendan -- thank God you don't know. That makes me happy that someone doesn't know who Ashton and Demi are. I like Bruce better anyhoos.

I'm still waiting to watch my DVR. Stupid class making me not only miss history and stuff, but, apparently, weird racial rhyming. Interesting.


ugh. people act like he's the King of America or somethin'. GET BACK TO WORK!


On a totally unrelated note -- Hey congrats Michael on finally getting your own frickin domain! I always wondered, "Hey Internets. Don't you know how very famous MIB is? Answer: very. Give the man something without 'typepad' in it for Pete's sake." So, small thing, but congrats.

(How much did you have to bribe that other Michael Ian Black? Or has he "gone on vacation"? In the river. With cement shoes. I won't tell.)


Well Lisa, you're entitled to your opinion of course. I just feel as if the Pastor could afford to balance all that spirtually profound stuff for an unexpected and light moment. It didn't hurt the cause and elicited some giggles.

Cam, you should share that picture of your Genitalia tree. I agree with the fact that Demi is so old and Ashton is so young. However, Demi looks exactly the same age as Ashton if you ask me (and her plastic surgeon).

Yankeebird - what a headline!


The guy giving obama his oath totally interrupted him like a dick. He must of been racist.



Adorable interview. You're as wholesome as a Jonas brother!

You're on twitter, right? Hal Sparks just jumped on there too per his myspace bulletin. It seems like an annoying thing, that twitter. Twittering this and twittering that, adding to the internet pollution with one sentence alarms. Then again, I hate progress of any kind. Bring back the old days, I always say. Days when twitter meant what it's suppose to mean - what happens to Papa's hands when he doesn't get his fill of whiskey.

I'm actually ill today, so it's back to the couch, a cold washcloth, and a stupid gameshow, seeing, there is nothing new and funny here for me to read.


Seeing, too, as I'm about to expel my lunch.


I don't care about Ashton and Demi. What I do care about is what John Cusack did to get SUPER BONUS seat, which was infinitely better than Oprah's. I bet she was p.o'd about that one. But if she makes a satirical movie about war profiteering, maybe next time she can sit up top with the big boys.


So, I am/was completely excited about The State and Stella's appearances this weekend at SF Sketchfest. Tickets are sold out, but I was going to diligently wait at the box office no fewer than 2 hours in advance for the will call tickets, or whatever they had left.

And then, today, I got laid off.

And now, I cannot enjoy your comedic delights as I need to save money for things like rent and food.

Damn this economy, Michael. Damn it. :(


Aw Jenny! That is suck! Sorry girl. damn it indeed. When Michael gives up a blog later, I'm sure this will fill your belly with laughter, and nothing feeds better than funny. Except food. But funny is good too.


Thanks Jaime. I'm trying not to wallow too much. And trust me when I say I'm really going to try my damndest (sp?) to live off funny because chances are--that's all I will be able to eat for awhile.

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