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January 16, 2009

Come See Me Read "Chicken Cheeks" Tomorrow... If You Dare!!!

I just threw in the "if you dare" part to be dramatic. Tomorrow morning (January 17th) at 11:00 I'll be at the New York Barnes & Noble on 86th between 2nd and 3rd avenues for their regularly scheduled story time to read my new book "Chicken Cheeks." I haven't decided if I'm going to wear the chicken costume or not, but I'm definitely leaning towards it, because why the hell not? Also, if you want stuff signed or just want to say hi please come on by. It's going to fuck-tastic!!!

(I realize I probably shouldn't describe a children's story time as "fuck-tastic." That was an error in judgment and I apologize.)


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Nickel Jean

Wow...you're reading during the regular story time? You're a very brave man. I'm sure the children will love you and won't pelt you with Goldfish crackers and sippy cups.

foradifferentkindofgirl (fadkog)

If you came to the Barnes and Noble in Iowa where I work for storytime, I would introduce you using the word "fuck-tastic." Oh, yes I would.


Chicken suit. Do it. You will forever be emblazened in their young impressionable minds, from now until death, as funny fanny chicken man . . . Comedic gold, eh?!! Do it.

And come to Texas. Do it.


(How many times do I have to say "do it" for it to come true? Do it.)


Just,please, somewhere a little more...southern. Jaime is right. Do it. Do it to it.

The chicken suit is downright adorable but if you wear it,most likely the kiddos will not be paying any attention to the book and the mother hens will eat you right up,oh yes they will!


If you wear your chicken costume, I'll wear my turtle costume and my friend will wear his panther costume. We won't be at the story time, but if you feel self-conscious you can think about us wearing our costumes while we stand in line at Starbucks.


Hey, I just saw a large stack of your books prominently featured in my local B&N. Dead center in the best spot in the store. Good for you.


One of these days you'll come down to the middle of bum fuck nowhere and then I'll get to meet you. :D

I hope you have fun!


Wearing the chicken suit, you might get a whole new set of fan girls (girls aged 5-11). Someone might even throw their Dora the Exlorer panties at you! ;-)


Dude are you going to do 'Stella' like things in front of children? Because count my child in if that's the case.

bailey vankirk

or you'll convince them that chickens are funny comedians wearing chicken suits, and who wants to kill and eat michael ian black? you'll scare them into vegetarianism.

try it out in cleveland though!


It's not wrong to say fuck-tastic pertaining to children. Without fucking, there would be no children.


haha! Right on Tee!


So did you wear the creepy chicken suit and was it indeed "fuck-tastic?"

P.S. Are you going on tour?




Touche, Reptar!
I did some arranging of Michael Ian Black new releases at the Books-a-Million today. No need for gushy thanks, it was no big deal:)


If you had said "come see me at the Barnes and Noble next to the Christmas Tree Shop" I would SOOOO be there.

Hey, my sister manages the B&N in Santee, CA--I'm sure she'd love to have you. She did tell me that they'd sold out of "Ted, White and Blue" (Ted Nugent's book), so I'm betting the rednecks would love a Northeasterner dressed in a chicken suit to read their kids a story about animal body parts.


Where's the PRObama blog??


Ambrose, He's Russian so he barely touched on it - total disappointment for us real Americans.


Hey, I was in Barnes and Nobles grabbing a few gift certificates for my Valentines gifts (because I'm an awesome Mom) and I saw that "Chicken Cheeks" was more than prominently displayed. As I paged through your book, a clerk stepped up (PRETTY!) and said: "Can I help you with anything?" And I said, "Oh I'm just looking through this book, it's cute..." Then she said: "I love this book. I bought it for my 4 year old and she loves it!" Then, the best part, she says in a conspiratory quiet voice: "Plus the Author is hot."

Then we had a 30 minute discussion about that very issue.

Hope you and yours have a very happy Valentines day. I'm heading out for a "Game night for lovers", which is no where near as kinky as it sounds. It's 6 couples playing board games and ordering pizza. That's what us farmers do.


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