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January 24, 2009

Be Among the First To Join The MMHI Myspace Page

Yes, Michael Showalter and I are getting the MMHI (our clever abbreviation for "Michael and Michael Have Issues") ball rolling with our own brand spanking new MMHI Myspace page. This is only Step I in our worldwide marketing campaign which will encompass social networking sites, viral videos, blogs, skywriting biplanes, a Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade Float, prank calls to strangers, bumper stickers that smell like feet, temporary tattoos that turn out not to be temporary, and of course, a two hour Super Bowl commercial. But now is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor. To join our Myspace page, click here. Then go crazy with the "add as friend" tab. Definitely the best way to get our MMHI on.


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I am totally stoked on this new show. Hope David can guest star.


Yes, be among the first 1,000 people to add them as a friend.


Done. And there had better be blogs and behind the scenes photos on offer.

So did you hit up Facebook with it yet?


You are creating a furor. A frenzied furor!
Sorry,but no Myspace for me but you all are in the myspace in my heart.


Myspace is so passé. I thought that you were all about the Facebook?


Just added you! This is freakin' sweet.

I agree with the blog entry requests and photos. That would be fab.


I don't like the Facebook, so thanks for the MySpace page. And I am totally 920th in line to be your friend (so special!) I am spreading the news to my legion of nerd friends, and we will watch and wait and push up our Janeane Garofalo glasses and make jokes about boobs and Star Trek, cats and sandwiches, unicorns and time machines, and then drool all over your show. Be prepared!


I'mmm so haaaaappy for this :D
I'm pumped. Like, I squee'd, and I don't even know what 'squee' as a verb (if it's a word - but, pfft, it has to be) means.


I'm proud of you both for letting yourselves get infected with the "pimp" bug. Not to be confused with Rubella:


I'm also thrilled that CC has, ("Par-aze the Lawd!"), seen the light.


I don't know if I can add this yet. This show is a stranger to me. I'm not allowed to talk to strangers or befriend them on MySpace. Oh well, I'm dangerous. I'll do it!



^^That's a totally bitchin' photo, and you should be pimping it til it bleeds.


If I do, do I get to be on you "Top 1,191 Friends"?


I agree T! Way sneery and thusly boyish.


So I should like...use my blog to promote this show or something?

My 4 followers will be thrilled!


Yes we will Reps ;)


I'm over the moon after hearing the news that Comedy Central picked up your "Michael and Michael Have Issues" show!! I wish I had brought my laptop to San Fran and read your blog before we spoke so that I may have congratulated you in person! Anyway, YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! (that applies to both Michaels)

P.S. Is it too early to set a Tivo season pass?



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He vanished for a bit, but, god, what a great post. I'm so glad he didn't stay away.

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