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December 11, 2008

New York Part II

I only have a few minutes to check in because we are leaving for Boston shortly. Last night we did our second show in New York at the beautifully named Nokia Theater. Paul Rudd again acted as David’s understudy which was extremely helpful because David had to pee in the middle of the show, so Paul came out and acted David’s part. Honestly, he makes a much better David than David. “Better” might not be the right word. He makes a more palatable David than David. Boy, people go nuts for Paul Rudd. All he has to do is walk out on stage and people start shrieking, panties become soiled, ladies start fainting. It kind of pissed me off. I mean, what are me and Showalter? Chopped liver? Just because somebody is a movie star and better-looking and more talented shouldn’t make that person more desirable than, say, me. One minute the audience was cheering and laughing for the Stella guys, the next minute they’ve completely turned on us for an actor who, I might add, is a full inch shorter than me!

Tonight we do our DVD recording in Boston, which should be great. Hopefully Paul won’t show up. Or, if he does, hopefully David won’t have to go pee in the middle of the show the way he did both nights in New York – at the same exact place in the show, which was weird. Tomorrow we go to the West Coast for a couple shows, and then home for the holidays, except for going to Vancouver, which is kind of like home, if your home is in Asia.


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Well, I for one certainly wouldn't climb over you and Sho to get to Paul Rudd.

Like I'd ever have that opportunity, but if I did, I wouldn't do it.

Hope the rest of the tour goes well, and have a safe trip home/to Vancouver/back home.


If it makes you feel any better, my girlfriend thinks you're hot.

Boy, my girlfriend goes nuts for Michael Ian Black. All you have to do is walk out on stage and my girlfriend starts shrieking, panties become soiled, she starts fainting. It kind of pisses me off. I mean, what am I? Chopped liver? Just because somebody is a tv/comedy and better-looking and more talented shouldn’t make that person more desirable than, say, me. One minute my girlfriend was cheering for me, the next minute she's completely turned on me for an dufus who, I might add, is a full 2 inches taller than me!

Suck it, Michael.


I'd take you forcefully and violently over Paul Rudd any day.


Boy, that sounded gay. I just mean I'd rather hang out with you. Really , really hard.


Man, that sounded WORSE. I just meant to say that if it was a choice between you and Paul Rudd, I would rather enjoy the pleasure of YOUR company.

From behind.


Ambrose, don't worry about it, you're just saying what everybody else is thinking.


I think Mr. Rudd is very appealing; but I don't think he's more desirable than you. You better thank that extra inch lead you've got on him. (That's what she said?)

also,I will see you tomorrow!! Put on your happy face, Michael!


Don't stop Ambrose. Keep going. You're turning me on.
(But not as much as PAUL RUDD does).


Michael you're the cutest one of all. We know it, you know it. All the mirrors say so. Except for that killjoy mirror who keeps warning about some evil queen who wants your heart in a box.

I guess what I'm trying to say is if you died, you'd still be cute enough to put in a clear casket.


Anyway, rock out in Boston, babe. Make good dvd.


Oh my God, you are so much cuter and better than Paul Rudd. I agree with Reen that you know it too! Thing is so are so cute and funny that even if you confessed that you did indeed know you were better than the others and that you just put up this post to get attention, I wouldn't love you any less! I might even love you more!!

(Sorry if that is too much love, I'm just feeling it today!)


1. I think both you and Paul are gorgeous and I'd do you both for free. Multiple times. There, I've said it.

2. I am totally loving this new blog subscription feature!!


Everyone loves Paul Rudd. He is a human version of the Snuggles Fabric Softener Bear. (Even with that awful beard.)

Of course you know I find you much more appealing. A full inch more. ;)

(We all knew I would go there, so shut up Fake Ken.)

Tom Lewis

Here's a pre-show write up in Bostonist courtesy of moi: http://bostonist.com/2008/12/10/stella_to_appear_at_the_wilbur.php


Hey Michael.

My friend and I are about to go eat some sushi and then go see Stella.

Because we are cultured motherfuckers.

I'm very excited that the back of my head will apparently be on a DVD soon.


I'll bet he was wearing Sex Panther cologne. And, according to Brian Fontana, 60% of the time, Sex Panther works every time. They've done studies. So, that's just a chemical advantage, and cheating.

Everyone knows that the Michaels are the "Face" of the A-Team. Just too cute.

Stacey E

So people are not soiling their boxers for you? The wife and kids wouldn't have anything to do with that, would it?
I would expect Paul Rudd to have more important things to do than hang around a buncha perverts. He must be between movies.
(I heard that Sex Panther smells like a diaper filled with Indian food)


But Stacy E (sister to Sheila) isn't Paul Rudd a pervert too? I mean, gosh, surely he's a pervert too.

I can't HEEAARRR you...


Oh ma god. You're coming to see me. ME! What the hell should I wear? Oh ma god. I'm hyperventalating now. I don't care if I didn't spell it right, I'm too busy trying to calm down. BUT I CAN'T! I get to see you tomorrow! TOMORROW! Scared yet? I am. I'm nervous. Seeing you all in the flesh and not in pictures and moving pictures might be too much for me. Oh ma god. What should I wear?????


Bailey - it's a no brainer. Wear your corsette.


That Paul Rudd is a fine kettle o' fish.

And he's got the sense to star in movies where he's the better looking guy. Even "The Baxter" (tell Showalter I'm sorry about that one)


Ohhh, my corsette! I haven't worn it in years (days), but now is the perfect time to dig it out again. Thanks Reen! I'm getting ready NOW! So excited!


Felicia - Paul? The hottest member of that troupe? No no and no. NOT that he wouldn't make a nice breakfast treat. A little sprinkling of Louisiana Hot Sauce on his...BEEP (Sorry, it's all the good people of Illinois are hearing lately: "And Governor Rod Blagojevich was last reported as saying: "BEEP BEEP BEEPIN' Louisiana Hot sauce BEEP."

Have fun Berkeley Bailey. I know you not, but I do hope you are out there representing all that is right with California. Namely, California girls. Who wouldn't go gay for that foxy state?

I wouldn't.

But that's *only* because I like Midwest Farmers Daughters...really make me feel alright...

(It's the aprons)

Anyway, Bailey - don't forget to put on a clean thong. In case you get in a car accident.


Ohmigod!!!! SF Skethfest line-up just came out!!! I THINK I'VE HAD A COMEDY NERD IMPLOSION TYPE OF EXPERIENCE.

I am calm.

But! You [guys] are all over that thing! As will I be. This is so goddamn exciting!


Another Stella DVD?! Hooray another thing to add to my collection. YAY!


oh, btw, if anyone would like to say hello at tonight's show, i will be wearing a blue top, dark curly hair. :D

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