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December 06, 2008

A Quick Check-In

I haven't been posting on my blog for the simple reason that I haven't felt like it. Touring is very tiring, and by the time we get to wherever we're going, I'm usually too beat to do much writing. The shows so far have been good. We've been making adjustments to the show pretty much every day, which I think continually improves it. Tonight we were in Chicago, a sold-out show in front of 1,400 people. A great crowd and what I thought was a very good show. Showalter and David were both very funny tonight. I was, as usual, just okay.  But what I lack in humor I make up for in smugness, so that kind of balances things out a little bit. My uncle came to the show, which was great. It's always a treat to see him, although because we were so busy beforehand I did not get to spend much time with him. Instead, he and his friend graciously schlepped into the Chicago night to bring us some dinner. Afterwards we were signing stuff and he slipped away before I had a chance to catch up. So that was too bad, although it's possible he hated the show and was just trying to get out so he wouldn't have to face me. Another old friend, Renee, was in the crowd. She was her usual lovely self and we chatted for a moment afterwards. And still another old friend, a girl I went to high school with eons ago, was there. So I caught up with her, and then by the time we were done with everything, it was late which barely gave me enough to rush back to my hotel room and play online poker until dawn.


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Pete Nicely

Playing online poker till dawn =
Trolling Craigslist for Clay Aiken fans


You were hilarious tonight as usual! Definitely not "just okay". Once again I was lucky enough to be in front row (although a little too up front- they sure put those seats close to the stage!) and I enjoyed every minute. I look forward to the next show, whether it be just you and/or Michael Showalter and/or David Wain (STELLA?!) I guess I'll be there since I go to "every show in the midwest". (-;


Renee is big-time!


I will be seeing you in Ann Arbor tonight!


It was an amazing show and I am so thrilled I finally got to see you guys perform as Stella!! Also, big thanks to all of you for answering my many questions and signing my many items. I would have liked to stay and chat, but we had to be somewhere at 7 AM this morning, so we had to scoot out of there quickly.


Thanks! It's always fun to hear about the shows from your perspective and a big hurrah to Renee for getting a special mention on here. She seems very nice and is such a devoted fan, I'm sure it will be a treat for her to have been singled out on the blog.

I'm coming to the LA show, so take your vitamins and don't get sick. I'll be in the front row with my "I (heart) MIB" xxl sweatshirt on (as usual). I'm bringing my husband, but he says he won't wear the matching sweatshirt. He's such a dud sometimes :-(


Why did the continents have to separate? Why?



Yay for Renee! Can't wait for Boston.

Michael D'Avria

I'm sort of tired of reading about the tour, simply because you are not coming anywhere near Charlotte. If so, I would not be able to get enough.


I am still kicking myself for not running away and sneaking into one of your Philly shows with my friend.


Michael, you three out did yourselves in Chicago. The show was beyond hysterical and left my buddy and I in tears so many times. I love turning new friends on to you guys. Just can't recommend this live show enough.

You know what? You are silly. I'm pretty positive your Uncle liked the show, absolutely no worries there.

A moment is accurate. But it's always so nice to chat with you, even for 4 minutes.

So thanks, my friend. For everything.


Sorry I didn't get to stick around, but just to let you know, I brought two friends new to Stella to the show and they both said it was the hardest they'd laughed in a long time. I'm pretty sure "The Ten Rules" had us all laughing so hard that the row of balcony seats we were in will smell of urine for weeks to come.

I would have stuck around after the show, but I had to get home so I could take my money back from you in online poker.

PS - Sorry about calling you all in with an inside straight draw on the flop and hitting a runner-runner flush on you.

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