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November 16, 2008

If You Want To See Stella For Free!

Stella Street Team

If you’re in one of the cities on the STELLA tour, we’d love your help promoting! Put up a bunch of posters around your town, and we’ll give you two free tickets to the show (plus our profound gratitude)! If you’re up for it, email us at StellaStreetTeam@gmail.com, and tell us where you are located, and where you can put up how many posters.

Thank you!


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todd from aus

would do this in a second if i was in america :(


God damn it, I hate living in Hawaii.

Joel Yeomans

I wish I could do this, to bad I am in Canada, I'll just re-read "My Custom Van" instead.


Belgium. I got Belgium covered.


I second the Hawaii living hatred.


Come to Stockholm - I'll plaster the town myself.


I can put up 1,862 in my room. I'll cover all 4 walls of it! Maybe even a few on the floor and ceiling.


I would for D.C., but I already bought tickets. You butthead.


Awesome! I'll totally help. By the way, my friend's ex-boyfriend is the one who designed the posters. Can I get that gig next time??


>>God damn it, I hate living in Hawaii.
>>I second the Hawaii living hatred.

See -- Michaels are so great they inspire hatred of the rainbow state. Ammmazing.


Absolutely! I live in Boston basically across the street from the Wilbur.



I already bought my tickets, but I'd love to help out.


I am ALL OVER Berkely!!! (but I already bought my ticket)

Mark Garcia

I'm in boston, but already got my ticket. Still, I sent an email anyway.

Can't wait for December 11th!


I would if I could but I can't so I won't.

-Krissy Snow


Ditto on all the disappointment at living outside the US right now. And you guys have Obama too, it's just not fair!


I can get stuff up in San Francisco and East Bay (Berkeley, Oakland, etc.)


I live like an hour away from Berkeley, but I already got my tickets. Maybe I'll scalp them and do this whole street team thing.


Suck ups!


Ironically enough I was just thinking last week that you guys needed a Michigan show. And low and behold, there's a Michigan show! I swear, you are psychic.

I'm considering assisting in this. I'll definitely be promoting the show regardless of whether I have flyers.


Kris wrote: I'll definitely be promoting the show regardless of whether I have flyers.

Kris, you have the right attitude, you do.
It's fun to turn people on to Stella and you CAN do it without flyers, just like you wrote!

All you really need is a brain and a working mouth that forms words. If you do not have a working mouth that forms words, hopefully you have working fingers that can tap on a keyboard or grip a pen. Or a pencil, if you prefer. Either will do. You will also need a sheet of wide ruled or college ruled paper (for when you write).

Michael, what are you doing? It's been ages since you told us of your fancy crepes eating extravaganza.


I already bought plenty of tickets but will gladly promote more. Stella is the greatest


Maybe if you just did away with selling the tickets through Ticketmaster, where I recently paid over 40% of the ticket price in service fees for two tickets to the Chicago show, you wouldn't have to pay people to go to your show.

Seriously, ticketmaster blows. I would not pay $40+ per ticket for anybody else.



Big Mamas of the Blue Lagoon

Now, now Pie. Still no new writings. What color is your Aura? Why won't you give the Big Mamas just a little of that sugardump?

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