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November 10, 2008

If You Missed My MySpace Secret Standup Show Last Week:

Here's a short summary of the festivities. Note that nowhere does the author say she enjoyed the show (which was excellent). Also note that I stupidly gave the kid five Candian dollars, which I have been carrying around in my wallet since my last trip to Vancouver, and which would have come in handy this week. (See my previous post.) I'm such an idiot.

NYCF: Michaels Showalter and Ian Black

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52742251 Back in the '90s (oh so long ago), sketch group The State used to show up on late-night MTV somewhere between Singled Out and Liquid Television. Those guys (and girl) have come a long way since then, evidenced by the crammed-to-the-gills Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter stand-up show at Caroline's on Thursday night. The show took place as part of the New York Comedy Festival and as one of MySpace's free Secret Stand-Up shows.

The Michaels took the stage with no openers, Showalter first followed by Ian Black. After talking a bit about the election (and of course, specifically Sarah Palin), Showalter went into a hilarious bit about re-reading his 8th grade yearbook. He performed a statistical analysis of the likes & dislikes that he and his classmates had listed under their names. Likes included pizza, ska, and animals, while dislikes ranged from cafeteria food to "gomers," his high school's word for nerds. Showalter also talked about the difficulties of getting a cat, describing the two-round interview process and ultimate rejection of Kitty Care.

Michael Ian Black immediately won over the crowd by asking a brace-faced kid, previously tormented by Showalter, why he was attending the show. The kid said it was his birthday and Black presented him with FIVE CANADIAN DOLLARS as a present.

Next, he spoke of politics and why McCain/Palin lost the election: "If fetuses could vote, maybe they would have won." Before ending the show, he read one of his trademark letters, this one to a heckler who had asked him to show his penis. He was flattered, but ultimately realized that the heckler was actually talking to Showalter.

-Sachi Ezura


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It seems like you always end up giving money to your fans. I will remember this when I see you in December. :|

also, maybe she didn't need to say she liked it because the positively detailed review was evident enough? ok, she dropped the ball.



Y'know you guys should really come to Europe

Well slap my ass and call me happy!

Holy GOD you guys look hot!


just wanted to let you know, i wrote that blog post and i really did enjoy the show. i was trying to write a journalistically objective summary, but all objectivity aside, the show was hilarious and i enjoyed it liketotallyforrealsies.

keep up the freeness and the awesomeness.


She said it was "hilarious" and that you "won over the crowd". I don't think she really needed to say she enjoyed it. Sounds like she did to me. You guys are hilarious so why wouldn't she anyway?


Jeez, you're STILL hot.


Sachi is adorable.

Ok, so you carried those coins around with you for ages, basically throw them at a stranger, then come to find out you actually could have used them again for a better purpose?

That's like giving up ones "fat jeans" to the Salvation Army and then bloating up like a blowfish once one goes off the fucking Green Tea Diet.

It's all so Alanis Morissette Ironic.

Anyway, I'm sure the show was hilarious. It always is. And for those who have not seen Michael's show, what are you waiting for? Go see it! You'll laugh a LOT, so be sure to bring two things: a kleenex to wipe your smeared mascara and Gas-Ex for the fluffs.


I am SO fucking excited to see this fucking show that I blew off going to a fucking wedding to see it. Oh yeah, that's exactly what I fucking did!! So, you 3 guys better get together (MIB will be the ringleader, natch) and figure out some material that will blow my fucking mind all over my fucking face!!


You guys are awesome.


What ashmo said.

Seriously, we love America again, you've proved yourselves by electing Obama.


So nice of Sachi to write in! I wish I had been there. My seeing you live dream will just have to wait a little longer.


Yay! I love it when goodness and hilarity is rewarded. First Obama (goodness) and now the Michaels (goodness & hilarity). I feel like Dorothy entering Oz. The world's all in color again.

Congrats on the secret show, and your Vancouver stuff, and your I-hate-the-South Stella tour (as I call it in my head) and Wain's movie, and all that biz. I hug you.


if you click on that pic it gets big enough to kiss


Sachi invented journalistic integrity.
She also invented sexy.


OOOO thanks for pointing that out Freak. these guys look good in zoom. that mib has no wrinkles


The "fluffs", Renee? Only you could make gas sound as cute as a Gerber Apple Cobbler toot filted through a clean, scented diaper.

This whole tour business is very exciting and I should count my blessing that I got to see you both a few years ago. And that I wasn't tormented by Sho.


Nice bit on Robot Chicken as well, they got you pretty accurately in clay form


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