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November 24, 2008

Here I Am in a Chicken Suit

Here are a couple of bad ass photos of me in a chicken suit promoting my new book, “Chicken Cheeks.” Yes, it is a children’s book. Yes, it is about animal butts. In case you are wondering, the page the book is opened to in the second photo is captioned, “Moose Caboose.”

I feel very, very good about how I look.




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Lou D




You look pissed off in these photos. This is golden!


Click on those pics ladies.


No words.


Oh. My. GAWD!

I've had this baby on pre-order since it was possible to do so, and I just want Christmas to hurry the fuck up and get behind us so I can get this book in my quivering hands.

My son is going to love it so much!

*claps hands and squeals like a 3 year old*

I'm probably way more excited about this than is healthy...

You know what the first thing is I'm gonna do with your book?

Take it along to my son's parent and toddler group for them to read at story time. Because Goddammit, if I can't get anyone in this rural backwater of England to recognise your talent for grown up comedy, I sure as hell am gonna make them fall in love with your kids' books.

Not many people make yellow chicken suits look good, but you're the exception, babycakes.


nice waddle!


hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah. (taking a breath. . . .) hahahahahahahaha!

That is really so-- . . . it's just-- . . . wow. Thank you. I needed that!


Aaawwww you poor dear.


Oh yeah you brown-nosing Tee? Oh yeah? I'm going to get pregnant and HAVE a baby before Michaels book comes out just so I have someone to read it to! Top that noise!

Thanks Michael. Like Jaime before me, I needed that too. (For reasons that shall remain undisclosed).


Oh my god! Most adorable disgruntled chicken ... EVAR!!!


Now this is just DELUXE and PRICELESS!!! I just wanna pinch your Chicken Cheeks (in this instance, the ones on your face)!


Here I am in my WHO GIVES A SHIT suit.

Just kidding. Rock on.


I feel very, very good about how you look, too.



you are so adorable.

i love you.


Hilarious. & oddly cute.


Oh dear....I take it this wasn't your idea? You seem a tad bit miffed in these photographs. Honestly Michael, I've never seen anything so pathetic in my entire life. I feel embarrassed for you. Nonetheless I do plan on purchasing your book; I’ll keep you posted on how well it is received by my kindergarteners.


HA! I hope you got to keep that. If it were mine, I'd wear it everywhere.


This picture reminds me of the post "Thoughts from a Chicken Contemplating Suicide." First because you look so mad/miserable. Second, you look like a chicken. Actually, I guess you look more like "A Chicken About to Go Postal."

Either way, you look good. You know you're a hot when you can look good in a chicken suit.


My life is now complete.


this might be the funniest thing i have ever seen. i made it my desktop and it now brings a smile to my face each time i look at it

<3 u


People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.(Those who are vulnerable should not attack others)

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