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November 14, 2008

First Review of "Chicken Cheeks!"

The text of this review is longer than the text of the book.

(STARRED) Black, Michael Ian
Illus. by Kevin  Hawkes
Actor/comedian Black produces a winner with his first children’s book. A bear spies honey in a hive high atop a skinny tree, and as other animals come along, they pile on top of each other to create a tower. The focus of the story, and of Hawkes’s brilliant acrylic cartoons, is animal backsides—“moose caboose,” “penguin patootie” and, of course, “chicken cheeks.” Pictures tell the story, with minimal text adding humor with rhyme, alliteration and clever wordplay. The visual humor is outstanding: What comes out of chicken cheeks? An egg of course, cracked upon the moose’s nose. The animals’ expressions are priceless as they struggle under each other’s weight; the sight of the guinea pig straining to hold up the “deer rear” is positively hysterical. A “bumblebee bum” provides the climax to the story, and the tale concludes wordlessly, showing who gets to enjoy the honey in the end, or “the ends,” as the author puts it. No butts about it, this is a perfect collaboration of text and illustration. (Picture book. 3-8)


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Mark Garcia


So there's no dildo's in this book?

Stacey E

No giant rubber dildo's? What a dissapointment, "American".


Sounds like this book is Asstastic!! Congrats on the excellent review - I'm sure there will be more to come.


SPOILERS!!! Dammit! That review gives too much away.

But I'm pleased it's a good one, and from the sound of it, my 3 year old son is going to have a minor laughter-induced infarction, because if there's two things he loves, it's butt jokes and books.

I can't wait for January!


Congratulations on the great review!


What a fine feather for your cap! A great review to put a smile on your face and a little jaunt in your step. Have another crepe (or two) to celebrate!


aww i want to see this! that's excellent--congratulations!


Congratulations Michael!


This sounds like my kind of book! Few words, awesome pictures. But I don't have kids. Will it be weird if I buy it?


It sounds brilliant, Michael. I know my kids will LOVE it!


Haha Tee, on the spoilers!

I forget, maybe someone (comment leaver or MIB himself) can enlighten me...what was the original title for this book? Was it "Duck Butt"? I was tempted to say something about that, but wasn't sure if it was something I had just made up in my head or not.

Regardless, I hope a sequel named "Duck Butt" is somebody authored.


ha! I am in complete agreeance on a "Duck Butt" sequel.


I meant to say "someday" authored. Obviously I had one too many (insert funny, somewhat gay drink here) while commenting.


I remember the 'Duck Butt' working title too, Reptar.

Kids love comedy references to body parts, and as a parent, I would have totally bought it with the original title.


Aawww it sounds really cute!


Boosh! Xander Crews was pretty hot but so is Chase.


>>Will it be weird if I buy it?

Not at all :) If I were kidless, I think I might. But since I'm kid-laden, I've got good excuses. Go crazy Bailey. And don't, by golly, ever be ashamed of it!


My son is way too into Star Wars...when you pile Obi Wan on Chewbacca in the sequel, let me know!


i'm going to present "Chicken Cheeks" to my literature for children/library science class.
... i took the course for the babes

Dingo Bluefoot

I just orderd the book today from Amazon. I don't have any kids, but I had to have it...!


i think i would enjoy this book more than my kids.

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