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October 14, 2008

Why Didn’t Anybody Tell Me That “Friday Night Lights” Is The Greatest Show In The History Of Shows?

Far be it from me to further glamorize high school football, the culture of which is almost solely responsible for driving me into the self-hating profession known as “comedy.” However it needs to be said, and said loudly, that “Friday Night Lights,” the NBC television program about Texas high school football, is a home run!!!

Did I read the book? I did. Did I see the movie? I did. Do I think the TV show is better than the book and the movie put together? I do. Now look, I am not necessarily a guy who is into sports, as evidenced by both my effeminate physique and mannerisms, as well as my affinity for parlor games such as Scrabble and Big Boggle. But I defy any person with testicles to not go apeshit over (as I am calling it) “FNL,” which is so close to “NFL” you can taste it. (It’s also close to SNL, although that doesn’t seem particularly relevant, even though both shows are on NBC.)

Favorite characters:

• The back-up quarterback promoted to “QB1” after the starting QB gets all paralyzed in the first episode. (To clarify, he’s not “all” paralyzed, just half paralyzed)

• Buddy, the town’s big booster, who’s just a big ol’ scumbag, and is also the father of the cheerleader who is both the girlfriend of the paralyzed goody-goody QB, but is also having a thing with the James Dean rebel football player, who is the paralyzed QB’s “best friend,” but through four episodes has yet to visit him in the hospital. Yikes!

• Voo-Doo, the Katrina refugee that Buddy recruits to play quarterback. The only reason I like him is because he looks like he’s twenty-two years old, which is always my favorite element of any high school show.

• Connie Britton who plays the coach’s wife. I just like her and I met her once. Fucked her. (Not really.)

• The various football team extras who have to show up for all the group football scenes but never have any lines.

• Along the lines of the various football team extras, I also like the various football team coaches who have no lines but have to act like coaches to the football player extras who have no lines.

It’s just a tremendous, tremendous television show. Ever since they cancelled “Back to You” last year, I just didn’t think I’d ever find another network show to love. I was wrong. Boy was I wrong. So while I still harbor tremendous resentment towards that band of self-idolizing dickwads who played football in my particular high school, I love the self-idolizing dickwads who play it for Dillon, Texas on this show. If you get a chance, check out FNL on NBC. After you watch it, I guarantee you’ll yell, just as I did, “Goooooooal!”

Here's the first episode:


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todd from aus

firsties! yaya!


It got the boot from NBC to The Network of Lost Souls for the second season. How do I know this? Because somebody designed the world's most annoying commercial with the world's most annoying song and decided to air it roughly 600 times to let me know.

yes, brian.

This was good. I tried to explain why I liked Two-A-Days on MTV. This kind of does. Thank you.


I will not yell "GOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL" because that's futbal. I like the show though especially because Kyle Chandler is so dreamy.


I coulda told ya it's an amazing show. We really should converse more often.


I can't commit to FNL when I've already got the second season of The Wire on my plate. Now THAT'S a show that you could have used your celebrity (very famous) to get other people to watch.

Camille(who is having trouble signing in)

Our local newspaper has named their football supplement Friday Night Lights. ugh. Why doesn't someone come up with a show that would focus on the all the drama of band....or the PTO? Now there's a hit show!
I've taken to Dirty Sexy Money an Dexter because I follow the cast of 6 Feet Under.


It is great. Speaking of characters with no lines, The Saracen's grandma is a nice lady named Louanne Stephens. She was my Sunday School teacher in Dallas during high school (when I most certainly did not care about football.) She gets to stand in the bleachers and look concerned a lot.


Always Sunny In Philedelphia (FX). It's the anti-Gilmore Girls. All the fast mind-bending chatter, but with glory holes and poop mysteries. And Danny Devito is a short pervy slimeball. It is so his niche.

Thanks Michael. I don't have testicles, and I don't like football. Will I still like this? I'll try. Since this is Entertainment Weekly's love child (they never shut up about it), and it got a goal from you, I will certainly try. I have my doubts.


Oooh! I totally agree. I couldn't like football less and like this show more. I really enjoy Landry. Buddy has a great storyline in season 2. You are gonna love him just a little more.

Joel Yeomans

I think Stella was the greatest show in the history of shows. Okay, maybe not the GREATEST, but I liked it.


I don't get it. Everybody in the world apparently loves this show and I just don't get it.

I have tried to watch this show a dozen times and I just really don't like it. I like football. I like good TV. I don't like FNL. None of the actors are particularly good. Neither are the story lines. I don't know. Maybe I am missing something?


i don't get your angle here michael ian black. i can never read those black-as-night eyes of yours. as i've never seen this show, i assume it's horrid and you're being ironic.

but at the same time, maybe i'm missing out on something special in life. maybe my skepticism is not necessary in this world. maybe i'm being too negative and maybe i need to be less critical of myself and others. maybe if i'm just a little less guarded and more open to things like friday night lights, i'll learn how to love and give and be the honest person i was born to be.

michael ian black you have really opened my eyes to a world where a show called friday night lights about a high school football team in texas might not actually suck horribly. maybe this world isn't as bad as i've made it out to be in this little head of mine. maybe...just maybe things will be alright.

wait a second, you're fuckin with me aren't you? yeah you're fuckin with me. i get it, i see your angle. fuck you michael ian black, fuck you up the ass!


this has got to be a goof because “Back to You” was horrible. I've also tried to watch FNL but just couldn't take it. But then again mikey did post a vid. i don't know what to think anymore


I don't know who I like more, fictional teenagers or actual teenagers!


I hope this isn't sarcasm, because I love FNL. However, the comparison to Back to You has me concerned that this is all in jest. On the plus side, you seem to have watched the episodes (or at least spent some time researching them) so that tells me that you do care. I choose to see the glass half full, so thanks for bringing more awareness to the show - now we just have to hope it doesn't get canceled.


It's interesting that you should say that voo-doo looked 22, because he's probably one of the youngest people on the show. I know that he's 21 now in 2009, so he was probably either 18 or 19 when he filmed his run as a senior. Not too unbelievable if you ask me. But yeah, I bet he didn't get carded too often.

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