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October 24, 2008

Stella Winter Tour '08!

I am pleased to announce the Stella Winter Tour '08. Yes, Stella is back for a limited time!

Come see Michael Ian Black, Michael Showalter, and David Wain as they dress in suits and take to the stage to perform together for the first time in a long time. (I could check to see how long but that would require me taking the time to do that and I am far too busy preparing for this tour to do that.)

If you've never seen Stella before, then you are in a for real treat. There's a lot of banter, potty talk, and making fun of David. Plus, we'll probably bicker!!!

In addition, there is a very good chance there will be a BRAND NEW STELLA VIDEO!

Here are the dates:

ov 30: PHILADELPHIA - Keswick Theater
Dec 2: WASHINGTON DC - Sixth & I Historic Synagogue
Dec 5: CHICAGO - The Vic (tickets not yet on sale)
Dec 7: CLEVELAND - House of Blues
Dec 9: NEW YORK - Nokia Theater
Dec 10: NEW YORK - Nokia Theater
Dec 11: BOSTON - Wilbur Theater
Dec 12: SAN FRANCISCO - UC Berkeley (tickets not yet on sale)

We hope to see you there. And if you can't make it, that's okay. We still love you.



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But...but...but... December 5th is my bday and I haven't had a kickass bday since I was born. Pros: the obvious, plus getting to see one of my friends. Cons: 16+ hours in a plane roundtrip, -$700. Fuuuuuuuccccckkkkkkkkk.

El Steve

Oh snap, that's awesome news. You dudes had better tour again next year around summer time when I'll be in the states. Or, you know, do an Australian tour. Whatever works.




November 30th, eh? Hm... Maybe we can run away then.


WTF, no Los Angeles???


I am SOOOO there for Berkeley (as I said on your facebook)!! Thank you, Stella! This will absolutely be amazing.


Thanks for acknowledging my continued pain, Jaime.

I agree with the world tour idea of Karin's. Europe ain't so bad, and I have relatives in Australasia. C'mon guys, throws us foreigners a frickin' bone here. The magic of the interwebs is putting your fine asses out there.

But you know, good luck with everything, I hope you are wildly appreciated wherever you go.


I second the plea for Portland.

Aria W

See you in DC!!!!


THIS IS THE BEST NEWS I'VE HEARD IN AGES. This is awesome! Nokia Theater! Sweet. Pumped. Can't wait to finally see you guys.


I am going to the chicago show
look for me there


HM3 Owen Pitrone

You couldn't possibly make a stop in Okinawa, Japan, could you? My wife and I are stationed here till 2011 and we'll likely miss all Stella dates unless you guys make it out here. I served David Wain an herbal tea once, at Noggins in Shaker Heights, OH. Does that get us a visit?

Stacey E

So, three hours of you and your "buds" performing what I'm to guess will be oral on a rubber penis? Sounds intriguing. You dirty, dirty pile of perverts.


Course Tee -- I feel like such a whiner going, boo hoo, there is easily crossable land separating me from MIB&co, all the while knowing there is a sad suffering Brit crying into her tea across the pond. I will eat a crumpet in your honor :)


Aw, thanks, Jaime. I coincidentally, ate a crumpet for breakfast today myself.


I've seen you in Orlando AND drove all the way to see you in Asheville and you repay me by not coming anywhere near the southeast? thanks. please add a southeast date. that would be lovely.


I'd go to the Berkeley show, but I'm out of state until March. Damnit! Pay attention to my schedule!

Benny Bob

Come to Pittsburgh!


Fuck yes just got tix for DC rofl rofl bbq




I know LA sucks. I hate it too but I have to live here fore the time being. So please make it out here! There's good Mexican food, if you're into it.


Why, why, why not Seattle???!!! Oh, woe, woe is me.


come to los angeles, pls? kthanx.



stella needs to come to maine


when will tickets be on sale for chicago?

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